How this renowned food-blogger created a platform where anyone can find the best food and restaurants in Middle-East.

Firas Kazma is a man with a natural talent for food blogging and magic in his hands. He has a substantial followership of more than 35k on his social media handles like Instagram page where his audience loves his restaurant reviews. His love for food made him one of the top food bloggers and entrepreneurs present in the industry. Despite being a busy CEO, he found time for his passion and did full justice to it.

Here are 5 takeaways from this remarkable entrepreneur and food-blogger who generously shared his key leadership lessons:

1. Your ability to survive and grow is born out of your mission

Shut out the noise of the naysayers and focus on solving the problem. Firas Kazma says that ‘CEO Street Food’ has never strayed from its mission. “Our ability to survive is because of the awareness of our mission; to provide the food and restaurants’ reviews,” he says. 

2. Calmly give the benefit of the doubt, and do better 

Firas Kazma’s Years’ resolution is always the same: Do better. “When you start to feel upset, give the benefit of the doubt. True malice rarely exists between two individuals inside of a business or as part of your business. Do better.” 

3. Focus on telling everyone about your one unique thing is versus building something new 

The vast majority of people think that growing their business means building something else orsomething new, and that’s not true. Instead, Firas suggests that the best way to grow a business, after you have found product-market fit, is to invest heavily in all of the different ways you can become ubiquitous. Your business might do and offer many things, but Firas believes every company is famous for selling one thing, so know what makes you special, and just focus on telling as many people as possible about it. 

4. Be courageous enough to say yes to everything

Be open to saying yes, even to a job you might think you’re not ready for, because there is no perfect person for any job. Embrace an opportunity, be present and don’t doubt it. It’s hard enough to be successful when all of the circumstances are perfect, but they rarely are. Firas believes life is full of serendipity and that very few people can map out their future and get it right because there are too many unknowns: “Find environments where what you do well is the necessary thing. Commit and then kick ass.”

5. Ask others how they want to be managed

If you want to know how to get the best out of potential employees, ask them in the interview process, “How do you want to be managed?What is important to you?”  Firas learned this invaluable lesson later in life and offers this sports analogy: “The coaches who do best are the ones who embrace how to get the best out of their athletes.”

With multiple Award wins for being a top-rated CEO, Firas Kazma has created an accessible and powerful roadmap for different people around the Middle-East to comfortably find the restaurants and food of their choice after watching the same review from Firas Kazma done on his platforms-


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