Kenny Cartwright seems to be nothing more than a human lab rat to his neighbor, Rich Peterson. Although the boys have a different definition of what it means to be “best friends,” Kenny is always a willing candidate to try Rich’s potentially dangerous ideas.

One day, while exploring a hill in the woods, the two boys stumble across an alarming plan of attack, aimed directly at them. Regardless of their differences, Kenny and Rich must work out the true meaning of friendship. The only way the two can survive is to unify—their lives depend on it. Their usually laid back summer will quickly turn disastrous if the two don’t work together. Their once quiet town won’t be safe again until the boys figure out their enemy’s master plan.

Do they wave the white flag and give up? Or do the boys prepare for war?There are big decisions to be made for Kenny and Rich. The clock is ticking.

The Kenny Cartwright Chronicles Book 1: Featuring Recently Declassified Documents
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Damon Piletz, born and raised in New Hampshire, is an education consultant, adjunct professor and writer. He received his MEd and Bachelors from Roberts Wesleyan College and his Administration Certification at the State University of New York. He is the author of three novels and several poems and short stories.

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