Samantha Saglibene is a multi-talented youngster. At just 20 years old, she has been able to carve her niche as a writer and social media influencer. Here’s an exclusive interview.

Q. What inspired you to become a writer?

A. I come from a small town. It wasn’t claustrophobic or anything. It was just small, but I had big dreams. I wanted to travel, and I wanted to do it on my terms. I was pretty quick to realize that our world values good content. As a creative person, I have always enjoyed expressing myself in words. And I decided to bring my two loves, travel and writing, together. As a writer, I like to usher new perspectives into the world. Sometimes it means challenging my understanding. And so, I prefer to break things down as simply and beautifully as possible for my audience. That’s my goal as a writer.

Q. How has traveling influenced your worldview?

A. Where should I even start? Traveling has freed me of my prejudices which I didn’t even know I had, for starters. It has put me in touch with so many driven and interesting people that the world itself has become more alive. I have seen new places, made new friends, and yet managed to retain an old part of me – the part that’s driven, creative, and passionate about this whole business of life. Travel has helped me strengthen my inner self. It has encouraged me to take on new challenges and accept failure as a precedent for growth. I encourage everyone to travel, not only as a tourist but as someone with binoculars in their mind.

Q. Where do you see yourself five years from now?

A. That’s hard to say. If you’d asked me this five years ago, I would have told you something like where I am today but not with such precision. Life can be so astounding. I have learned that it’s better to go with the flow while holding onto your values, so you don’t get swept away in its current entirely. But still, five years from now, I hope to be doing what I am doing with perhaps more collaborations and different projects.

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