A Complete Guide to Engraving Your Wedding Ring

No wonder you want to propose to your girl in a unique way possible. And when you both are engaged already, you count on the days for meeting your wedding day. The wedding ring or wedding band is another most spectacular part of your life that you both will wear forever.
If you want to make the ring a significant and unique one, engraving the ring with some quote means a lot to both of you would work.
This article is about engraved wedding rings and ideas of engraved quotes you can use for your wedding ring. We hope it will help you gather ideas.

Know about the Engraving: Before deciding to engrave on your beautiful wedding ring, consider knowing about the details. It’s better if you take help from an expert. Usually, it takes around $100 to engrave on your lab grown diamonds Sydney, and you will have mostly 15-30 characters to accommodate on the ring.

Let Your Jeweller Know: You should talk with your jeweller about the engraving before he finishes the ring making. Generally, engraving characters on the ring are done when the ring is almost about to finish manufacturing. Therefore, if you clear the engraving when ordering your ring, they can create the size and shape based on the characters you choose to engrave.
Besides, consider your wedding band’s style and design also when choosing the word selection.

Choose the Experienced Jeweller: You must choose an experienced and skilled jeweller who works on rings’ engraving stuff. You can see online reviews and ratings from lab grown diamonds blog to compare more jewellers and finalizing the best one. Remember, if the engraving doesn’t seem pleasant, your entire wedding band will lose its glow.

Get Some Engraving Ideas: When you are ready to engrave some lovely words on your wedding band to surprise your spouse, you can look for some ideas. We are here to provide you with some traditional, romantic, funny, religious, and other categorized engraving ideas.

1. Traditional Engraving Ideas: The conventional and common words might include your wedding date, the day you two met, and other dates that have some significant meaning to both of you. Besides, saying “I Love You”, “Forever”, “Always”, “Eternity”, etc. will work.
Also, you can engrave both of your nicknames with a beautiful style or just the initials as a sign. 

2. Romantic Engraving Ideas: Romantic ideas come from when you remember little details about your relationship, such as the first date or first kiss, both of your favourite song lines, naming the things that only you two always cherish, etc. 

3. Funny Engraving Ideas: Some couples always love hilarious stuff, no matter what. For them, you can always choose some funny lines or quotes that will make them laugh the moment they look at the wedding bands. It’s also kind of a romantic thing.

Overall, engraving the letters on the wedding band must concern both the groom and bride. Consider their likings and disliking.

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