A touch of positivity with intelligence made Joy R. Richardson a financial literate

A financial adviser along with managing his business of clothing brand, Joy R. Richardson proved it to everyone and himself that if you are self-motivated, you can make it till the end.

It is not an easy task until and unless you’ve been served with a silver spoon or born with one in the mouth. One has to work his/her brain, body, blood, and sweat off to reach where one dreams for. What if, it happens that you are passionate about something, you try to attain it for so long, one day you realize, that though it is not yet accomplished, but now you are active and sufficient enough to gain it. It will give you immense happiness and obviously, your dreams into reality.

The story of this young boy who had a passion for arts and music had big dreams. Born on 13th August 1998, in a small town of South Carolina, named Summerville, Joy R. Richardson belongs to a military family. Being passionate about arts, music, and sports, Joy never was motivated enough to follow his passion.

Joy was fully prepared and excelled in navy and moved to Yokosuka, Japan while in his 18’s hoping that this is something which he’ll be carrying for the rest of his life. It was going well, until the depression of not following what he wanted to, came into existence in his mind. It made him more depressed when failed relationships and unsatisfactory morale levels gave him suicidal thoughts.

Coping up with every downfall, Joy was resilient and tenacious enough to stand strong and get all the bits and pieces along to give a fresh start. It was important for him to make his daughter believe that her father was not a failure. It wasn’t easy for me to put myself back in the normal life, but I read it once that “We can’t cure the world of all sorrows, but we can choose to live in joy. We can’t stop the hardships but we can deal with that” said Joy.

Sooner, when things were well noted and understood after meeting business executives and financially savvy people, he was well acquainted with all the facts of how finance works and things to be done. This became his interest and made him literate young people and his peers about all that he knows. This made him an inspirational man to be counted upon when in doubt related to any financial investment. He’s now a countable, financial literate and influencer for the rest who follow or know him.

“It took a lot and a little while, but I made my life run a little smoother.” Joy R. Richardson-


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