Fonzo, 40, a Lebanese Dj/Producer, ever since he was young, his life revolved only around music. He grew up in Lebanon, an Arab country and he was always in international trends, downloading the newest hits and keeping up with latest updates in the music industry. Growing up he discovered a passion for producing his own music, he started hosting gatherings where heʼd introduce his playlist to friends and the feedback was always positive therefore he was given the nickname FONZO.

Towards the end of 2019, Lebanon had witnessed a  revolution like no other, the people would gather in the streets and it was a time for them to join together towards one goal, this is when fonzo decided that it is his responsibility to unite the people the only way he knows, with music,  because music is the answer. He produced and played a track done for the people for the first time. Everyone was impressed by fonzo music, he thought he would show for one song and leave but the crowd wanted him to play again and again. The revolution stayed for almost 4 months, and Fonzo was there every time the people needed him. He became more and more popular after these appearances.

The Lebanese producer used his passion for music to send a message to people that music is the answer, music can unite people towards their goal. After his well-known appearance in the revolution, he started working with many famous artists around the world, the video of him playing music in the revolution was posted across all social media and became quickly viral which led fonzo to think about turning a hobby into a career and put plans on how to make people enjoy every minute of his music, people around the world and not only the people of Lebanon.  

A hobby turned into a career, since then, Fonzo has been playing at his own public and private events, establishing his own recording studio “ FNZ STUDIO  “ and producing his first album.

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