Ace Marketing Guru : Waseem Amrohi is underpinning the Real Estate Domain presently

Ace Marketing Guru : Waseem Amrohi is  underpinning the Real Estate Domain presently

Waseem Amrohi is a trendsetter of digital advertising world and is regarded as one of the most well-liked and respected Digital Marketing Expert.

He is the creator of various great marketing campaigns worldwide & also the founder of InKING Ideas ( Advertising & Marketing Agency ) spanning over two decades of experience in client domains like finance, technology, mobile communication, travel, auto, retail, lifestyle, education ,etc.

When it comes to Real Estate Domain, he is unquestionably one of the best solution provider, as a Creative Director in the year 2014 go 2015 ,he was the man behind the award -winning launch campaign for Coldwell Banker in India.

He knows the nitty- gritty of qualified Lead Generation campaigns and what is the Ads quality score & what influence does it have on your CPC and ad rankings.

Speaking of google AdWords he affirmed..
“Your quality score is crucial for a number of reasons. According to Waseem Amrohi insight-“Google rewards high-quality score advertisers with lower CPC and higher ad positions.”

It’s all about cut-throat competition and staying relevant , an AdWord campaign is no different. Assaying your competitors google ads ranking secrets ,helps your ads to perform even better to surpass mediocrity by attaining quicker results.

Waseem Amrohi also successfully collaborated with leading Real Estate brands like : Coldwell bankers , Lodha, Heeranandani Builders, Rustomjee, One Avighna park ,etc. For social media marketing, online lead generation, website and landing page creation.

If you are looking to step up your real estate digital marketing game, Waseem Amrohi is your ultimate guide. He is the one who is providing the bounce back marketing strategies to the real estate industry post lockdown.

His Digital Marketing expertise helps him achieve more engaging, tangible results quickly, by adding augmented reality to your digital marketing campaign.

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