Fans were taken aback when Aishwarya Lekshmi shared a cute photo on social media. The actress and producer uploaded a photo of herself and actor Arjun Das with just a single heart emoji to show their love for one another. This has given rise to rumours that the pair are already dating. As soon as it went viral, Aishwarya and Arjun supporters were giddy about the picture.

The two are seen smiling and posing for the camera in the image. Within a few minutes of posting the picture, a number of people were perplexed as to whether it was a teaser for a forthcoming film or a marketing stunt. “Please tell me it’s some movie announcement,” one user remarked. Another one commented, “Is this really happening? Are they dating?.”

Aishwarya, however, published a statement on Instagram claiming that the two are simply friends and are not in a relationship and that the image was not uploaded to make a love declaration. Aishwarya commented, “I didn’t imagine my last article would attract so much attention. “We happened to cross paths, snapped a picture, and shared it. Nothing else is occurring at this time. We are close.” Adding, “Please calm down, Arjun fans who have been texting me since yesterday. You own him.”

Aishwarya, meantime, made her feature debut in Tamil with the movie Jagame Thandhiram. She just wrapped up filming on her upcoming movie Ponniyin Selvan II. The Mani Ratnam-directed movie will debut in theatres on April 28. Additionally, the Hindi version of the popular Malayalam movie Angamaly Diaries would mark Arjun Das’ debut in that language. In a Malayalam movie directed by Anwar Rasheed, he is also working.

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