Alexius Victoria The Popular DJ

Alexius Victoria The Popular DJ

Alexius Victoria is a groundbreaking Producer DJ straight out of the
Tristate. With the unique ability to transform any typical gathering into a
time to remember. Innovative, cutting edge and timeless are three of the
best ways to describe Alexius Victoria’s style. With only one year in the
music industry, Alexius Victoria has made a name for herself by
incorporating her music knowledge with culture and spirituality.

Consistently delivering crowds out of this realm with her song selections,
performances and lyrical flows mixing a blend seamlessly from song to
song. AlexiusVictoria takes control of the dance floor and keeps the
crowding transfixed.

Being in love with music, AlexiusVictoria eventually joined the
entertainment scene, in 2018 and hit the ground running. Gravitating
towards every “AUX” in every room. AlexiusVictoria started her journey in
bars throughout the NY/NJ area as well as small parties within the Tristate.

Jumping to beat the winter weather, with a one-way plane ticket and a BIG
dream, AlexiusVictoria headed to LA. Taking a couple of months to find her
sound, self-teaching through YouTube videos and random books, articles
and collections on musical theory. AlexiusVictoria was able to learn how to
read and write music, mix with a controller, CDJs, and Vinyl and produce
music. All the while investing even more time to learn to play the piano, and start learning and recording music productions. Currently, her next
aspiration is to learn the guitar.

Shortly after arriving in LA, AlexiusVictoria was featured in singer Sterling
Victorian’s music video “Meadows”, headlining in Oklahoma City Pride
Weekend with a crowd of over 70,000 and worked with corporations such
as Raycon, and Coca-Cola. This year alone AlexiusVictoria has donated
over 60 hours to charities, raised money for fundraisers and non-profits all
throughout the US with her platform. Wanting to spread awareness through
music, AlexiusVictoria utilizes all her experiences, from bartending,
photography, modeling, mentoring, managing and motivational speaking.
You could say AlexiusVictoria is the right one. From weddings, birthday
parties to corporate events, she does it all.

Her style of music is not just limited to hip hop, or top 40 mainstream butjazz, rhythm and blues with hints of western influence, bringing something worth exploring.

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