London, England.

Making it big in the fiercely competitive Indian film industry is tough and even more difficult for those who live overseas, but Alina Rai rose up to the challenge.

Born and brought up in London, the actress has made an impressive mark in India by starring in Hindi films. The versatile actress has also appeared in number 1 hit songs and is looking

forward to taking on more acting challenges.

We caught up with Alina Rai to find out more about her.

What is your inspiration? 

I believe I inspire and motivate myself like no other. There are days when I feel lazy like anyone else does but those are the days I really push harder on myself. I am constantly working and thinking of work. 

So my biggest inspiration is my tomorrow will I be making my future tomorrow proud that is always the question I ask myself.

Which projects have given you the greatest joy?

All my projects that I have done or I’m doing have been carefully selected and done therefore I’ve put my heart and soul towards each and every project. Every project for me is important as the next.

What was the most challenging role you played?

All the roles that I have played have been challenging in their own ways and luckily all my roles have been very different from the other. As a newcomer, I’ve been lucky enough to portray different strong female protagonists. Every challenge has taught me and I feel I am apart of each role I have played.

What is the secret of moving to another country and being successful there?

Honestly, there is no secret or shortcut. I believe in hard work. You have to believe in yourself and work the hardest to achieve them. 

What is the best advice you ever got?

I listen to a lot of motivational speeches and one that really stuck to me was that you got to work extra hard because nothing beats hard work. 

What do you love about acting?

Acting for me is a sense of freedom, I love to play a character completely as that character. I’m a very introvert person and therefore to let free in a character for me is freedom.

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