All Eyes On The Pitcher – Landon Bonneville

All Eyes On The Pitcher – Landon Bonneville

Every once in a while a young sensation hits the baseball field, Someone such as Landon Bonneville, 17 who is already making waves with his skills and attracting the attention of followers of baseball, not to forget some big-name sponsorship deals. He has shown plenty of early promise that bodes well for future sporting events.

Understandably, when a lot of teenagers reach 17 they have not yet started their career, with full focus on school. But Landon has already made a significant impact within the sport and has other interests that he ambitiously wants to pursue.

Bonneville has been playing for Western Branch Thunder as a catcher and right- handed pitcher. His fans can follow him on one of his social media channels, wherein total he has more than 1 million followers. Baseball is very important to him, but it is not the only avenue of interest he wants to become more involved with in the future. Landon is interested in music and has been studying sound engineering. He was given the chance to learn from the established pros when Bastille’s sound engineer had him make a shadow appearance during their live sets. This experience will no doubt help him if he does end up pursuing audio engineering in the future like he seems passionate to do so.

Bonneville comes across as a very motivated and determined person, who believes that he will one day play in a World Series game, and there is no reason why that can not be a reality, especially with his skill and determination. His added inspiration to make it big comes in the form of his parents, who he wants to pay back for everything that they have invested in him with. He also draws inspiration from his role model MLB star Trevor Bauer.

In Landon Bonneville, we see ‘one to watch’. He potentially has some very exciting career paths ahead of him. He is thriving in baseball, and also taking on other points of interest such as audio engineering. It is really good to see such a positive young role model, keen to take on the challenges he needs to to get to where he wants to in life, showing what hard work and determination can do for a career!

The future should be very bright for Landon Bonneville.

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