Aman Rathee: Top Car Enthusiast In India Is A Brilliant Influencer

Aman Rathee: Top Car Enthusiast In India Is A Brilliant Influencer

Aman Rathee is a young and talented car influencer and enthusiast who belongs to the city of Panchkula in Haryana. Aman Rathee’s father is a well known name and has a strong network in the political and business dimensions of India.

With thousands of dedicated followers on social media, Aman Rathee has successfully established himself as a car influencer and enthusiast in the world of social media. He has a bunch of luxury and sports cars which he is totally obsessed with. Aman Rathee creates content based on them and makes sure that it reaches his audiences and invokes the right emotion in them. His Instagram handle (@amanrathee10) is all about cars and car related pictures, videos, vlogs, stories and posts. Commenting on his genre of content, Aman Rathee said, “I aim to please the car community in India. There are a lot of people who want to see a real and relatable person drive the most luxurious and expensive of cars. I also deliver content which is in line with the recent trends of social media and techniques of camera work and photography. For example, if I’ve posted pictures for long, I know I need to post a fast paced video next. That’s what people seem to love this far.”

Using his social media presence and platform, Aman Rathee has made sure that the word “influence” is not lost in “influencer.” With random but regular quotes and messages on Instagram stories, Aman Rathee intends to encourage young people to take action for their goals and remain grounded at the same time.

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