The significance of counter technologies against aerial robots cannot be overstated, especially at a time when these robots are increasingly being used for tackling the pandemic – from delivering medical supplies to daily essentials. Owing to their growing significance across various facets of society, the market for counter technologies against aerial robots is estimated to reach over billions by the end of 2025.

According to Market Reports World, the key players in global remote aerial robot identification system market include AirMap, Aaronia AG, CerbAir and DroneShield among others. Cerbair, for one, has been developing a wide range of solutions – stationary, portable, mobile, etc., that facilitate security of sensitive sites. Though established in the year 2015, the company, owing to its avant-garde technological solutions, has drawn investments from various VCs including Boundary Holdings. The latter is a Luxembourg-based firm, founded by Rajat Khare that invests in AI and deep tech industries.

Based in France, Cerbair has been one of the pioneers in this sector and for the past five years, its mission has been centred on protecting airspace security of its clients by offering high-performing solutions that are cost efficient, simple and convenient to use yet extensively upgradable.

By investing in a company that has the potential of taking the global anti-drone technology market to greater heights, Rajat Khare’s Luxembourg based firm aims to buttress the security of vulnerable sectors where aerial robots are involved.

Similar to Cerbair, Dedrone, a California-based company also uses advanced hardware and software technology to protect organisations from malevolent aerial robots. The tech leader has partnered with Blackberry Ltd and integrated the latter’s AtHoc software into its products to enable real-time security alerts detected in an airspace.

Such innovation and fruitful associations by companies like these, are the need of the hour especially amid the increasing occurrence of security vulnerabilities against unidentified aerial robots.

By spearheading the industry with advanced technologies that are constantly upgraded, these companies have provided time-tested solutions to some major operators.

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