One of the ways social media can be powerful is how you can discover music and the artists behind the music from across the world in a very intimate and personal way. 

Craig Cavanagh is a singer/songwriter. Craig, who was originally a choir boy at school, also attended the same stage school as Natasha Hamilton from Atomic Kitten. His debut EP was released in 2013 onto iTunes and other outlets.

Craig’s work

At present, he is working on new material and managing a major nightclub in Liverpool called Ink Bar. Craig writes his songs like paint on a canvas that each note that tends toward the higher register without being loud or showy, yet deep with resolution. He is the brand ambassador for SmithBros CBD oil in UK and Black Bottle Boy for Luc Belaire. He is crazy about fitness.

Liverpool Pride usually features a parade and march through the city centre on Saturday plus a large open-air festival, several stages, street stalls and street entertainment at the Pier Head. There is also the Liverpool Pride Fringe at the city’s gay quarter itself. 

Liverpool Pride is a registered charity run by a Board of Trustees with the stated aim of promoting equality and diversity, advancing education, and eliminating discrimination concerning LGBT people across the six districts of Liverpool City. 

Craig doesn’t want to stop anytime soon

“Musicians, DJ’s singers and songwriters all have the niche that inspires them to write or just bring a song/music into our lives. Personally, for me, it’s linked to love, heartbreak, break ups, lasting relationships/friendships, friendships lost and people I’ve lost along the way who will never get to hear the music with me again in this world! I just love music”, Craig Cavanagh remarked.

He is hungry to emulate the success of Singer-songwriter Sia whose big break came in late her 30’s.

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