Old Android hands ought to recall when Ice Cream Sandwich brought a brand new feature called “Android Beam” to the universally adored operating system. Essentially, it was similar to a much more terrible version of Apple’s as of late released AirDrop, starting file exchanges locally by means of NFC. Unfortunately for those that delighted in it, the feature was expelled from Android Q.

The feature was really evacuated all the way back in Beta 1. It got away from every ones ordinarily exhaustive feature level inclusion of the release (challenges, sorry!), despite the fact that a few of people knew about the change when it happened. everybody had expected it would in the end be expelled dependent on some commits that were previously spotted in AOSP by buds at XDA.

TechRadar has affirmed with representatives at the progressing Google I/O developer conference that it won’t return, examinations of the present beta additionally affirm its proceeded with nonattendance.

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