To start and stay strong in the market where every other brand is your competitor, you need some tips and tricks and definitely a USP that will make your brand stand out from the crowd. Aparna Singh on how to do it.

It is a well-known fact that all the businesses got adversely affected at the time of the global pandemic. Some got flopped and even some shut down. Indeed, it was a time when things turned out to be worse for every business. On a contrary, there were few businesses that surprisingly survived and made sales during this global pandemic. Indian Goddess boutique by Aparna Singh was one of them which made it throughout the pandemic.

It is said that one has to be calm and resilient mind when running a business as you never know the uncertainties that might hit your business and eventually you. We all were trashed by the attack of COVID-19 and so our businesses. Still, there was one female in the business who made it till the end and didn’t let her business flop either.

Indian Goddess Boutique deals in luxury designer bindis, accessories, and brand-new swimwear collections, inspired by Indian fabrics and fashion. The authentic collection of her bindis and jewelry speaks about her brilliant design ideas and excellent detailing for her craftsmanship. When we talk about bindis, it’s all about simple colorful, and pretty decent structured material. Here in Indian Goddess Boutique, it’s not as simple as you think. The USP that sets her brand and works apart is the intricate details on her bindis. The artistic features a bindi can show on itself are what we get in here. Not just the alluring designs but the ease they provide for the application of that one small accessory and the packaging is marvelous. The Indian Goddess Boutique range of bindis comes in luxury packaging that leaves an everlasting impact as it is said about the first eye impression.

Aparna’s family belongs from the ‘City of Nawabs’, Lucknow, India, and she herself was born and raised in Georgia, US. Aparna’s roots are from India which is clearly seen in her work. The love for Indian fabrics is represented by her work lineage. She launched her swimmer collection knowing the preference and comforts of clients by keeping it as her priority. Addressing her designs and comfort, her collection has appealed a lot across the globe. This overwhelming response to her business has helped her to evolve.
Bringing the Indian Goddess Boutique into existence, Aparna has truly brought in the aesthetics of being an Indian by heart. Since pandemic was quite devastating for every individual in the world in any of the manners, Aparna also got hit by the same. The only difference was she never lost hopes and always stood for her business. That’s what helped her survive the global pandemic attack and shine bright in the business. Her way of showcasing the love towards the heritage of her country through her work has redefined the landscape of beauty and fashion that is not just a treat to the eyes but a lot more to the spirit as well.

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