The boom in social media had changed the way the world views many industries, healthcare industry being a prominent one. There is no longer an ambiguous gap between the doctor and patients. The reduction of this gap had come with many benefits including a remarkable reduction in anxiety and fear of the unknown or misconception among people. Thanks to the presence of doctors on social media that are increasing by the day. Among the countless doctors and dentists that are present in this day. We have one of the most leading ones share insights about social media in relation to the dental industry. Particularly that he made a great mark in social media as one of the most known dentists, and made a mark in his respective fields with his great experience, in which he needs no introduction

Coming from the Middle east, Dr. Ali AlSaqoby a young Kuwaiti dentist had managed to create a big name for himself in a short amount of time with his great achievements. Being highly sought is no mystery as per having several awards under his belt including the second most talented dental student in the UK award and many more. He graduated from England as a scholarship student funded by the government as per chosen for having one of the best academic performances.

As a great dentist and taking social media by storm with hundreds of thousands of following with significant interactions, he mentioned in snapchat “Being on social media is almost obligatory these days unlike few years back where social media was not used as much” “It is a great platform not only to connect with patients but with doctors from all parts of the world to share knowledge”.

When asked about diagnosing conditions online, Dr Ali emphasized that every case is different. However, in general it is a bad practice, as it comes with several limitations depending on the case, such as not enough details or findings to conclude a diagnosis. Ideally the patient shows up to the clinic to get the full picture via doing the necessary examination and take the appropriate x-rays to make an accurate diagnosis.

Dr. Ali added that dentistry is one of the most fear inducing branch of healthcare to patients. Most of this fear comes from misconceptions and fear of the unknown. Therefore, professionals utilizing social media to clear these misconceptions, will likely create a positive impact as social media facilitates the reach of many people. Beside communicating with patients, Dr. Ali mentioned that it is also an ideal tool to network with dentists from all over the world to share knowledge and techniques. It is also good place to document your cases to showcase your skill, many patients will get encouraged to seek treatment. Particularly if the ‘before’ case is similar to them!

With his ongoing rise on social media as a leading and influential dentist, we wish Dr. Ali AlSaqoby the best of luck as he continuously develops himself and succeed.

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