Barion McQueen, transforming entrepreneurs into personal brands

Barion McQueen, transforming entrepreneurs into personal brands

Quick, name a big brand. Like a really big brand, huge, something that everyone knows about. McDonalds, there’s one. Coca-Cola, there’s another. What do people know about these two? The logo, first and foremost. After, comes the presence both in the real world and in the online medium, and only after that comes the taste of the actual product.

People who have never, in their lives, tasted a Chicken Nugget or had a cold Coke still know exactly who these brands are. And that gives you an idea how important branding and a good PR campaign really is. It can build you up, before your product has even had a chance to say hello.

As it happens, one of the branding masterminds that worked with Coca-Cola in the past is Delaware native Barion McQueen. Presently the CEO of one of the leading marketing agencies in the world, The Brand Castle, Barion applied his unique vision to help strengthen Coca-Cola’s image in the eyes of the public.

But his business, The Brand Castle, isn’t necessarily about big name brands. They like to focus on helping out smaller businesses, those just starting out. Because honestly, those are the people who need the help the most.

Barion works with young entrepreneurs from all business sectors (from photography to tech companies) to build a brand that will sell their product and skill to the world. In many ways, business consultancy is a sort of mentorship. It’s about finding someone who will work with you to turn you into your best self, except here, we’re talking on a much larger scale. We’re looking at taking a whole business and growing it from the ground up. Because that’s how much branding means.

With innovative vision and bucket loads of dedication, Barion applies himself to each unique project his company has and tries to look at the situation from a whole new angle. He asks questions. He gets into the mind of his client, to know who they are and how the world must see them.

Rather than sticking to the old proven formulas that have existed in the PR game for years, Barion McQueen tends to step outside the box and come up with a brand-new approach to the business.

Unlike many in the marketing world, he understands that the world is ever-changing and that you cannot represent someone successfully today with the principles you used fifty years ago.

Barion is like a breath of fresh air on a scene that seems to have tried every trick in the book in order to sell. He doesn’t underestimate clients by trying to trick them into buying into a certain company. Rather, he creates and polishes a brand image that the clients can then fall in love with.

It’s definitely a different approach, one that is bound to catch on in the coming years.

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