A 12yr professional basketball is leaving an impact in communities in New York city. From giving out nets to parks, to providing free basketball clinics for the youth, to running his leagues, Roman Perez is leaving his stamp of a leader for many to follow.

He’s the founder of the Dudo Baez foundation, which provides opportunities to inner city adults and youths. The foundation provides camps and tournaments, but most importantly the chance for everyone to follow their dreams through this platform.

His goal is to continue to inspire many with his story. A story that had its up and downs, but with dedication, hard work, and most importantly love- we can accomplish lots in our lives.

“I am Victorious”, which is his upcoming documentary is set to be released later in 2021. He currently trains his daughter Leia Perez, in hopes that she can make it further than himself not only on the court but in the game of life.

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