Looking at the success of the game named Battlefield V; no one can say that it was once a failed game. It is becoming the biggest success stories these days. Earlier when the game was released, it appeared to be a disappointment for the fans. Also, it met comments where the critics felt that though the game has astoundingly great visuals, it remained an empty game.

Since then, the game has been on the origin store and received consistent content updated and gameplay. People have been enjoying this game as one of the best community interaction from EA title in several years.

It was some time back; there was an announcement that the game would be updated. It was equipped with an instant action mode. This is the mode remembered by its fans as one of the original games that are played on PS2.

Then again there was this announcement is a trailer that the next update in the game will also have the new character named the Clone Commando unit. It is as gorgeous as the other units, well known Instant Action Mode where one plays offline against the bots. It is a 4 player online co-op, a new planet and Felucia.

The Clone Commando in this version has a couple of abilities. The 4 player online co-op is an attractive touch. This is something that most of the modern games lack these days. Felucia is yet another stunning and detailed planet that has been added to the roster Battlefront 2. In short, this is a planet with plants having tentacles and other stuff. Isn’t it just awesome?

Having the game on regular sale, the value of the game is ridiculously high now. It is nothing lesser than a shame that the game was not launched with its content that it has in this point in time. Otherwise, it would have justified the price tag as well as some other cosmetic options.

However, it is worth stating here that all this is not brilliant at all. The fact that games needed continuous updates over the years to get the full price tag is nothing but being crazy. The EA mentality behind the game is perfect in its own sense. Also, this shows that this is not the last time when such a game would enjoy a fan following at this pace.

Following all this, let us have a look at how the fans feel about it. They have actually voiced their expectations of the upcoming series. Rise of the Skywalker that was released later this year. It has been featured at the end of the Battlefront 2 Community updates trailer. It appears as if Disney will be willing to have another Star War based game to follow up the movie.

At the same time, some of the people think that Battlefront 2 Continues to be updated for at least next three to four years with one or two contents being added to the game. It is worth stating here that it seems that the game will have many micro-transactions. Moreover the game is cheaper to be bought online. Sign in to the game and think of the comparison between Battlefield V – Battlefront 2 Continues.