V from BTS has not yet made an appearance in Cannes. He attended Naomi Campbell’s birthday celebration earlier. Lisa from BLACKPINK also appeared.

A large number of celebrities and Naomi Campbell’s pals attended the celebration of the model’s 53rd birthday in Cannes, France. Online images of the model are widely available. Naomi appeared alongside BLACKPINK singer Lisa and BTS member V in one of the images.

A fan responded to the image by asking, “What in the name of K-drama is this? Together, BTS’s V, Lisa, and Naomi Campbell. Someone else asked, “Where is Jennie? Missing her. The comment said, “Lisa and V wow rockstar and superstar together.” “V and Jennie in Cannes,” a user posted on Instagram. Do they both plan to attend the party? Oh my god Taehyung is perfect! Lisa and Naomi Campbell’s birthday celebration,” added another admirer.

Jennie, who will be in The Idol alongside The Weeknd and Lily Rose-Depp, went to the event for the series’ Out of Competition screening. The much-anticipated new HBO series The Idol calls itself the “sleaziest love story in all of Hollywood”. In the play, Jennie, who goes by the stage name Jennie Ruby Jane, made her acting debut. On June 4, the series will premiere.


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