They have found gangs involved in illicit activities after they cracked their communications and messages on the encrypted phone provider network.

It was recently reported how the police in Belgium arrested 23 people involved in criminal activities that were organized and communicated through a specific encrypted phone provider network called Xrypt. They have been carrying hundreds of raids across Belgium after they were successfully able to decrypt the Xrypt phones, which claim to be a highly encrypted phone provider network. The Belgium police have been hunting a big gang down and are going all out to bust this racket, which involves massive criminal gangs dealing in illicit drugs, murders, and weapons activities. The police were able to hack the Xrypt phones, and that is how they have been able to take out crucial information and communication that was passed through the phones. 

This particular investigation has helped them catch 23 already, and many are on their way to getting arrested by them. These criminals were caught when the Belgium police shut down and decrypted the phone provider network that the crime groups reportedly used. By decrypting the devices, the police could get access to the names and many other details of all the clients and distributors. They could monitor Xrypt users closely, which helped them work against these criminal activities and arrest the culprits. Thanks to the message lifetime feature that apparently did not work on the gang’s Xrypt devices, the Belgium police could retrieve the information, and the gang’s text messages and other communications were also found in the unencrypted forms in the servers, which led the police find about the plotted drug deals and murders.

The French, Dutch and Belgian police hacked the phone provider network, which helped them know about the suspects and their illegal dealings in the case. The breakthrough has come after the police in 2021 had hacked into the Sky ECC network. The police have stated that the recent breakthrough and arrests are only the tip of the iceberg and many more are yet to be followed. Law enforcement has been monitoring messages and attachments from the Xrypt network, and more arrests will soon occur.

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