Benefits of an Air Compression Leg Massage Machine

Benefits of an Air Compression Leg Massage Machine

A leg compression massage machine is basically a device that brings about a boost in blood circulation by applying pressure on the lower limbs. In addition to boosting the circulation of blood in the body, this device also helps the lymph flow consistently.

The fact that a leg compression massage machine helps in the better circulation of blood makes it perfect for helping the muscles relax after some level of stress. This is great for people that are recovering from a medical procedure or have mobility challenges.

Furthermore, the fact that they help the lymph flow continuously goes a long way in reducing the chances of being affected with chronic diseases.

That being said, below are some benefits of leg compression massage machines.

Leg Compression Massage Machines Help with Edema

Edema in a certain body part occurs when there is an accumulation of fluids in that part of the body. This accumulation of fluids can be reduced through the use of a leg compression massage machine. Doing this does not simply reduce swelling in the part of the body that is affected by edema, it helps in ensuring that the veins, connective tissues, and muscles stay protected.

Leg Compression Helps Better Lymph Flow

Leg compression massage machines help in ensuring continuous lymph flow. With a better flow of the lymph comes a reduction in the likelihood of the lymph accumulating ultimately preventing the buildup of lymphedema.

Consistent lymph flow plays a vital role in eliminating metabolic wastes and toxins. When this happens, the body is able to function at its optimum. Going by this, you can ensure that your body is always in top shape by taking advantage of the existence of leg compression massage machines.

Leg Compression Machines Help with Blood Circulation

There are lots of benefits associated with the use of leg compression massage machines. One of these many benefits is a leg compression massage machine helps bring about an improvement in the circulation of blood in the legs. This goes a long way in reducing any form of heaviness that you feel in your leg after going through a long day. With an improvement in the circulation of blood in the legs comes an increase in the rate at which injuries get healed. This is an important benefit for individuals that are recovering from surgery, trauma, and muscle soreness.

It Helps with Varicose Veins

Varicose veins occur when the valves in the veins get weakened. They are usually twisted and bigger than the usual vein size. When the valves in the vein are weak, they are not able to ensure that blood gets to the heart. When this happens, blood gets stuck in the vein, thereby, causing the vein to get twisted and increase in size.

By making use of a leg compression massage machine, you can successfully bring about an increase in blood flow to the heart through the vein.  In addition to helping the veins appear better, leg compression massage machines also help in reducing the intensity of pain that is associated with varicose veins.

They Help with Deep Vein Thrombosis

By making use of this machine, you can successfully prevent deep vein thrombosis. This is a situation in which the blood gets clotted. Leg compression massage machine ensures that there is enough pressure to make the blood circulate throughout the body. This prevents blood from clotting. If there are already some blood clots, this machine ensures that they do not move to other parts of the body.

Relaxation from Pain

There are various types of pains. While some types of pains can be eliminated, there are those that can only be properly managed. By making use of the leg compression massage machine regularly, you can always bring relief and relaxation to aches. Doing this can help you can manage any painful condition better. This ultimately improves the quality of life of whoever is in pain. While being able to manage certain painful conditions helps improve the quality of life of whoever is in pain, that is not all that it does. It also makes it easy for caregivers to offer care.

Leg Compression Massage Machines Tone the Skin

When you make use of leg compression massage machines, you are able to breakdown cellulite, make connective tissues better and catalyze the metabolism of fat cells. This process is one that can always keep the skin toned.

Leg Compression Machines Come with Limited Downsides

Just like other devices, leg compression massage machines come with their downsides. These downsides, however, are very limited. While there are some downsides associated with the use of leg compression machines, when this machine is used properly, issues of downsides associated with its use can be eliminated. The treatment process involved with the use of this machine is non-invasive. Also, after going through a session, you do not have to deal with any downtimes.

How Does a Leg Compression Machine Work?

Leg compression massage machines function by making use of air in the leg cuffs. They use this air in the leg cuffs to develop rhythmic contraction and relaxation of the muscles in the leg alternately. The creation of alternate relaxation and contraction of the muscles in the leg plays a role in assisting, thereby, ridding the body of metabolic wastes.

After going through an intense workout session, there is usually a buildup of lactic acid. Through the use of a leg compression massage machine, you can speed up the rate at which the body recovers from an intense workout session.

Is There A Difference Between the Leg Compression Machines in Hospitals and The Ones in Homes?

Basically, the leg compression machines in homes and those in hospitals are the same. There are, however, certain differences. These differences are in the available pressure, as well as the settings of these machines.

If you are looking to buy a leg compression machine used at home, you will be spending about half the price you will spend when buying a leg compression machine for hospitals.

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