-What separates your company from other management companies?

BKS is a company that believes in positive energy. Bringing nothing but the best with positive vibes. We stand out from other companies because of this and have gotten placements on Billboard as a result!

-What is your company motto?

Best Kept Secret until it’s too late. Until the whole world knows!

-What kind of skills does a person need to have to do the work you do?

It is very important to be an honest person working with us. We strive to build long lasting relationships with everyone we do work with. You have to be very driven and goal oriented to handle the wonderful opportunities that come from working with us.

-What solidified your establishment in the music industry?

We have a huge vision and are very determined on meeting each and every goal we set. We don’t let praises distract us from the current mission. The CEO has not only got #1 billboard for being a producer but also has credit on Trippie Redds #1 billboard album, “Pegasus”. 

-What are 3 things we can expect out of BKS in the next few months?

Major singles that we will drop featuring major artists. We will also be releasing our new artist Z. Supreme new single.


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