Billy Arora on a date night at The Grove?

Seems like the Los Angeles based fashion model has a new flirt just in time for the cozy season.

Canadian top model Billy Arora was seen going for what looked like a possible date night at the movies in Beverly Hill’s The Groove.

Whoever she spent the evening with, according to her Instagram stories later that night they loved watching ‘Queen & Slim’, the powerful romantic drama that just hit the big screens.

Earlier this month the two, whether they are close friends or a couple, were seen getting close at Malibu Beach.

And honestly, we are over the moon for her!

Wouldn’t we all like a fresh crush to warm our hearts for the winter days?

By Ida Taylor

Ida Taylor is a celebrity chef, author, travel documentarian, and television personality who focused on international cuisine and culture. She wrote both fiction and historical nonfiction the culinary mysteries. She also wrote news articles on as a free lance author.

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