The spectacle of a resurgence of Women Power comes in full view as women’s scoring in the Olympics speaks volumes of the new state of affairs across the globe, especially India.
A deep analysis of the unfolded events that have come to life at the Olympic 2020 taking place at Japan these days declares a sound rejuvenation of the Indian women and women at large.

For quite some time, the international media has been branding by repetitive coverage that Indian women are caged and restricted. They have also been highlighted as victims of nation-wide atrocity. At one point, India was declared and branded as one of the most unsafe countries for women based on just a few incidents without considering the huge population and the resultant ratio.

A comparative global study could have easily pointed to Indian’s respect towards women as the majority follows the Hindu culture, which promotes worshipping of deities( females ); however, the promotion of female participation could not be facilitated in an impressive manner due to orthodoxy and maladministration that could not encourage the women to higher performance. Pre 2014- no strong measures were implemented to promote the status of women in a firm manner to safeguard the most vulnerable section of the society – women & children.

Post 2014, strict enforcement of corrective methods has started showing results under the aegis of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s team of dedicated Efforts to promote women participation in every facets of life – even the last on their list per the Indian cultural ethos – sports. It is noteworthy that sports were not considered as the domain of females. However, a strong government endorsement caused a shift in the paradigm and the promotion of fair gender with a strong belief to establish equality in the status of genders.

Women’s great performance & encouraged participation in sports, speaks volumes of how women’s have been supported at all fronts both in terms of protection and breaking the cultural barrier, which was an iron curtain for ages. The Indian women’s coming out of the door phenomenon needed a strong assurance of the governing bodies as support pillars, and the present government has done its fair deal if we go by the India’s brand image before.

Branding of nation in different shades has been a common practice by the international media to frame the country in an image that affects its tourism industry and many aspects of cultural & global growth. The present government has done a fair job erasing the redundant impression to a progressive, promising & trustable one. The performance of the Indian females will serve great up-gradation of Brand India to thereafter soon play a major role in the field of global impact. Of course every sportsperson is a personal brand of its own but the collective brand defines not only the nation’s state of affairs but the genders supported resurgence.

The mind plays a strong role in defining an impression that remains long, and of course, repetition underlines it to a brand that spells trust & value. This process of the psychological impact requires more than one instruments and of course, what matters is the end result. On the same line the resurgence of women power promises a new era, the achievements will only encourage multiplication in times ahead.

The psychological impact of Olympic results will soon impress a rise of confidence among the females worldwide. It is noteworthy that the fair gender has scored after overcoming the cultural hurdle in an orthodoxy complying nation on the path of modern thought. The women power had already recorded their strong impression on the different professional fields even in the tough considered field of defence forces and the success story in the field of sports at global level was pending. The encouraging influence of the achievements in the field of sports recorded presently would inspire a phenomenon that would announce a complete liberation of the fair gender so as to stand with equality shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts to serve seeds to an egalitarian society in times ahead.

In the horizon one and all can see the arrival of the two new brands to stay – “ the global women” & “the Indian women “ as the global mind stands impressed with the dedicated & sustained efforts of many years by the fair gender in the global field of competitive sports.

Salutations to the fair gender of the human race as they announce their accomplishment to be believed & trusted by the human mind as an integrated brand – the Brand – “ Liberated Strong women’”.

Authors: Dr. Arun K. Shukla & Gaurav Gulati

Note – This article is an integrated opinion of both – the psychologist & the brand strategist.

Dr. Arun K. Shukla is a noted Behaviourist, Psychotherapist, Leadership Trainer & Psychological Researcher with two and half decades of experience. (Chief executive & Faculty Captain La Militaire Academy ) .

Gaurav Gulati is a famous Personal Brand & Brand Engagement Strategist building head-turning brands since 2010. He has helped countless businesses, fortune 500 companies, and including many artists, entrepreneurs, professionals, CEOs, politicians, and celebrities, among others, to build and position their brands.

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