With his love for music spanning nearly a decade, Henry Colin Wright has learnt how to create incredible releases. As the English Singer has quite a knack for crafting sensational tunes– it came as no surprise to us that his latest project, a single called Here for you, is the perfect testament to just how powerful an artist he truly is.

Having focused the song on togetherness and being there for each other we believe that Henry wrote this song with lockdown in mind and how we must be there for each other in times like these, another reason why we believe that could be the reasoning behind the topic of the song is because the song the Henry released prior to this was called ‘Lonely inside’ and this also is part of the same topic but from a different side. One thing that is for sure is that Henry writes his music about emotional topics that a lot of people can relate to which is great to see a young inspiring doing.

Henry is still a young artist at the moment being just 17 years of age so we are sure that he will look to release many more banging tunes in the future and we wish him the best of luck with his future and his career.

Be forewarned, Here for you could quite possibly get stuck in your head. Feel free to stream Henry’s new song ‘Here for you’ which is out now on all platforms!

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