Bruneian Singer Hasdie Hasnan Covid-19 Positive?

Bruneian Singer Hasdie Hasnan Covid-19 Positive?

Hasdie HasnanCovid-19 test negative. Before he comes home to his country at Brunei Darussalam on 03 January 2020, Hasdie Hasnan at Kuala Lumpur from 28 December 2019 until 03 January 2020, Hasdie Hasnan already go to Hospital for health checking on March 2020 and do Covid-19 test. Hasdie Hasnan doesn’t have any Covid-19 Symptom. He said on 23 March 2020 he wants to travel to Kuala Lumpur with family, but he and his family cancel because of this Covid-19 issue.

Hasdie Hasnan said to all his fans to be don’t panic with his situation with the Covid-19 issue, we all know now his condition very well and still can do a singing performance. Any information about Hasdie Hasnan, you can follow him on Instagram @hasdiehasnan, you can follow and like his official Facebook page “Hasdie Hasnan”. Now Hasdie Hasnan always update about his daily at his official Instagram account (link: , if you wanna know about him, you can search on google, just type “Hasdie Hasnan”. Hasdie Hasnan is officially Malay, he live at Brunei Darussalam (Southeast Asia). The latest update about Hasdie Hasnan’s condition on 18 March 2020 is in good health and very very well condition.

To all Hasdie Hasnan’s fans, don’t worry about him, he promises to always update about his condition and situation. Hasdie Hasnan will always make his fans enjoy and happy. Thank You so much.

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