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How rock on social media community with your business

Three people behind the brand, Frankie Quiroz, Ilene Arellano and Brian Porter , started creating space for their products by building a robust online presence. Their page grew organically, reaching more than 1M followers as we speak. They didn’t rely on significant investments, pricey marketing services, or our experienced coaching assistance. They put their heart and soul into the work, hoping to create an innovative brand that would set them apart from others. After building a rapport with their fans and creating the bond, they launched the product, which turned their venture into a thriving business. The connection they established with the growing fanbase has enabled them to gain trust and respect, which further earned them credibility and popularity.

Past Achievements and Sales Records – with Drip Creationz

With just three years in business, Drip Creationz has managed to break almost all records in terms of the sales figures. The company is known to cross 8-figure sales multiple times in a year, and the revenue is only showing trends upward with every passing year. In such a short time, the company has been able to create a loyal customer base for itself and has been able to accumulate a massive following on social media. The company’s branding and digital presence are what sets it apart from the rest. The best part about the company is its website, which allows the user to pick and choose their design and lets them order the design they want. Such a made-to-order feature only adds to the uniqueness of the brand and its popularity.

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By Ingrid Hudson

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