As verification that life as an astronaut isn’t constantly exciting, Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques’ obligations on board the International Space Station as of late included settling a spilling space latrine, as indicated by NASA.

The space office said the team needed to spring energetically a week ago after astronauts inadvertently separated an association point to the water framework while updating a restroom in the U.S. part of the station.

About 9.5 liters of water spilled amid the Feb. 1 occurrence and must be wiped up with towels by the astronauts, a representative affirmed.

“As anyone who has worked on plumbing in their own home knows, these types of things sometimes happen,” spokesman Gary Jordan wrote in an email.

“NASA flight controllers in mission control Houston identified and isolated where the water leaked out, and astronauts reattached the connection point and quickly soaked up the water with towels.”

Saint-Jacques and American astronaut Anne McClain then installed a new enclosure in preparation for a new latrine framework giving upgraded protection, which is set to touch base at the space station in 2020.

Jordan says the break was ceased rapidly and doesn’t seem to have made any harm the station.

Saint-Jacques, 49, landed at the space station on Dec. 3 for a mission that is relied upon to last until June.

His expressed rundown of tasks incorporates conducting scientific experiments, carrying out robotics tasks and testing new technologies. Space plumbing was not referenced on the rundown.

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The Canadian Space Agency said it knew about a leak in the water framework on the station, yet did not affirm Saint-Jacques’ involvement.

It’s not the first time the space station has encountered an issue with its bathrooms. One of two commodes on board the global space station separated in 2009 when the pump separator obviously overwhelmed, as indicated by The Associated Press.

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