Exclusive QnA with young musical artist Rigormortiz

Professional Name: Rigormortiz

Question: What is your profession?
Answer: Music producer, Song writer M.C, Rapper & Singer.

Question: When Did You Start?
Answer: My first single album release Was On The 8TH Of November 2019. And the single is called ‘’THE REAL ONE’’.

Question:What are your future plans?
Answer: I am currently finishing off my mix tape entitled “The RIGORMORTIZ project which I am planning to drop on the 1st of january 2021. This mix tape features collaborations with various established superstars as well as up and coming talented artists. This mix tape will be followed by several album releases.

Question: What made you step into this field?
Answer: I started off as a music producer working with various up and coming artists and basically got sick and tired of seeing people messing up and failing to utilize my beats to their full potential. I then decided I may as well jump on my beats and do what they where failing to do. I had a really positive response from my listeners and ended up with artists reaching out wanting to work with me as well as other producers sending me their beats and asking me to spit or sing on them which was really amazing and humbling.

Question: What do you find Interesting about this field?
Answer: I love making music and the challenge of developing words or a simple beat into a complete full song that is melodic, harmonic and adding a feeling to it that you can share with other people.

Thankyou Rigormortiz for giving us his precious time for this QnA.


How Monica Pinto Went From Actress to Casting Director With Help From Francesca Pinto

Monica Pinto is a New York City casting director who has been seen in The We and the I, Jersey Shore and other TV shows. Monica says she likes casting a lot and she thinks it’s her calling. She founded Hypmosis Visuals.

Her sister Francesca Pinto works with Monica in casting sometimes. Patricia Pinto is Monica’s mom, she is the CEO of La Creme Modeling & Acting which books models for a lot of fashion shows and hair shows all over the world. Francesca appeared in a Marc Jacobs fashion show with Bella Hadid.


Pokemon Sword and Shield uncovers “World Cap Pikachu Code”

Pokemon Sword and Shield players can get their hands on the most up to date cap wearing Pikachu. Today, the Pokemon Company uncovered the code to acquire the World Cap Pikachu, the rearward in a progression of Pikachu wearing Ash Ketchum’s assortment of caps.

The World Cap Pikachu (which wears the cap worn by Ash in Pokemon Journeys) can be acquired by entering the code K1NP1KA1855. The code is a reference to the Pokemon anime’s timeslot in Japan, which runs on Fridays (Kinyobi in Japan) at 18:55. The Pokemon Company has overemphasized the anime’s ongoing timeslot move, including an impending Pokemon Go function.

This is the seventh and last cap wearing Pikachu, following six Pikachu that were beforehand accessible in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Players recently needed to pick just one cap wearing Pikachu to acquire, so this is the first occasion when that a player can get the entirety of the cap wearing Pikachu without expecting to exchange.

To get the World Cap Pikachu, players basically need to go to their Mystery Box menu in Pokemon Sword and Shield, and afterward select the “Get With Code/Password” choice. At that point, enter the code and check your capacity box for the World Cap Pikachu.

The World Cap Pikachu (and all other Pikachu) can be acquired just by having Pokemon Sword and Shield’s center game. Nonetheless, Pokemon Sword and Shield additionally delivered its new Crown Tundra DLC not long ago, which added a modest bunch of new Legendary Pokemon to the game alongside access each past Legendary Pokemon through the Dynamax Adventures mode.

Not exclusively can individuals investigate a pristine sub-area, they can likewise take an interest in the high level Galarian Star Tournament, which gives players their greatest test as a mentor in Pokemon Sword and Shield.


Mackenzie Couch, and how she has risen high in the Hollywood ranks

Mackenzie Couch has appeared on some of TV’s biggest shows with millions of viewers and has hundreds of thousands of social media followers. She’s constantly in demand from networks like ABC, HBO, and others. As a busy teenager, she would have no time for even an occasional tutor, given that her career is already set up for her, right?

Except Mackenzie is one of the most dedicated, full-time students you will ever meet. Not only does she take education very seriously, she attends school full-time.

Mackenzie Couch is an acting and dancing prodigy from California by way of Michigan. The lifestyle of any child celebrity like Mackenzie is a very intense and complicated life with little room for relaxation (and less room for mistakes), and many child stars have a hard time figuring out how to mix education with their careers. But in the midst of incredible success that would put pressure on anybody, Mackenzie has been the perfect example of “young Hollywood.” She attends school full-time while fulfilling big career dreams on some of TV’s biggest shows.

In an interview with Close-Up Culture, Mackenzie explains,

Q: You’ve appeared on ‘Modern Family’ and ‘Fresh Off The Boat’. Do you have any fun memories from your time on these big TV sets? 

A: Yes, so many! Fresh Off The Boat you can actually see me in the same scene twice! That’s some crazy editing, haha.

Modern Family was a big scene with Eric Stonestreet, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Aubrey Anderson-Emmons. It took awhile to film because they laugh a lot on set and we were actually all just having so much fun I don’t think we wanted it to be over.

Her mother, Christie, explains,

“We moved to LA when Mackenzie was just 10 years old. She signed with an agency right away. Since then she has danced in music videos for Nia Sioux and has appeared in 2 episodes of Fresh Off The Boat, has also appeared on Modern Family, Our People, and the HBO series, Insecure. She was SAG-eligible at the young age of 12 years old. Mackenzie attends the very prestigious Orange County School Of The Arts full-time in the commercial dance conservatory. Mackenzie and her sisters just appeared on the cover of The Teen Magazine and have another cover coming out in December.”

Given her experience with TV’s, Modern Family and Fresh Off The Boat, Mackenzie herself explains,

“Filming both of those shows was an amazing experience. Modern Family was such a funny scene that it took awhile to get and Fresh Off The Boat was so good that I was just invited back for another episode.”

Mackenzie and her parents have made education something of a priority, as the foundation for anything else Mackenzie does, even though it may not always have the glamour and flash of being on TV. 

She’ll be fine.

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Watch: Justin Bieber & Benny Blanco team up for “Lonely”

It’s “Lonely” at the top. That is the message Justin Bieber is sharing in his piercing new joint effort with Benny Blanco, which dropped at 12 PM on Friday (Oct. 16).

The going with cut discovers entertainer Jacob Tremblay as a their World-period Biebs, complete with the side-cleared hair and famous purple hoodie, giving a look in the background of for the time being youth notoriety.

“He was real nervous. He was like, ‘S—. Should I be putting this out into the world?’ Because he’s like, ‘People know me for this thing and it’s like I’ve never been this raw,'” Blanco said of JB’s melody. “He’s raw on this song. This song brought us so much closer together. And it was just he’s really opening up on this and he’s super vulnerable.

“We were just talking about we all play this Superman every day,” he proceeded. “I’m sure you do for your family, for your friends, and everyone’s counting on you for so many things. You do a lot of stuff for a lot of people and sometimes you get f—ed up. I know for sure it doesn’t matter. You do. I do. We all do. And why do you have to be this superhero? Why can’t you be like one of your kids for a second and be like, ‘I don’t want to do. I just want to cry. I just want to be sad.’ There’s this weird stigma and this thing where men are supposed to be this. And it’s like, ‘No, I want to be vulnerable. I want to cry. I want to have a good cry.'”

Blanco recently worked with Bieber for 2015 hit “Love Yourself” off Bieber’s album Purpose. Both were Grammy-nominated. “Lonely” follows Bieber’s recently released single “Holy” including Chance the Rapper.


Meet Ezen Ho, the man and the mind behind the exponential growth of Vibes Entertainment

Ezen Ho is giving the right direction to many up and comers in the industry amidst a pandemic by giving them the right opportunities through his entertainment firm.

A few years ago nobody would have thought the growth of certain industries to such an extent that most of the youngsters would want to make a career in the same. Some industries have undoubtedly seen an upward trend in its growth which has given so many distinctive chances to people for carving their careers. Events and entertainment industry is one amongst those, which has flourished the careers of many, especially the younger generation. However, what did not happen in all these years is happening now, where almost all businesses are seeing a downward trend due to the global health pandemic. This, in many ways, has crunched the world economy and have taken away the jobs of many. So many youngsters are sitting at home with no work in hand, despite being full of talents and skills. Ezen Ho, a young and dynamic entrepreneur, has come forward as a ray of hope and has promised to give opportunities to new talents amidst such crucial times, with the help of his firm Vibes Entertainment.

He is already giving many such golden opportunities to several youngsters so that they get a new purpose in life and a reason to move forward with their talents in the events and entertainment field. Vibes Entertainment is the brainchild of Ezen Ho, who initiated the firm with the aim to offer the best vibes to people through its multiple events across many high-end venues of the world.

Overnight parties, sporting events, sold out concerts and many extraordinary events even in the entertainment capital of Las Vegas has been carried out by Vibes Entertainment under the leadership of Ezen Ho. Through such incredible events, many up and comers and youngsters can get an opportunity of their lifetime to showcase their prowess as skilled individuals and also get the chance to hone their skillset and abilities through the process of managing the events, emphasizing on Ezen Ho’s mission to dedicatedly offer the elusive vibe to people.

They also manage and produce exclusive after parties with prominent artists, offer VIP tickets and perks, etc. and provide partygoers and guests to get the world’s best vibes from all these events and experiences, where they can treasure these vibes and etch the memories in their hearts for a lifetime. Going beyond hosting and promotions, Ezen Ho’s Vibes Entertainment believes in making efforts for creating an ambience that is highly vibrant, energetic and full of a unique vibe.

Ezen Ho also aims to make all the new talents learn the strategies and the work they put behind in creating this distinct vibe for people so that they become future leaders in the industry offering people the same or even better experiences through their events and their entertainment companies.

Ezen Ho’s noble intention to help others in these tough times proves why he is a successful entrepreneur and why he deserves respect across the industry for not only creating an exclusive vibe for people but giving incredible opportunities to newcomers as well.


Kevin Sacchi:-Drawing a clear distinction between Triller and Tiktok!

When you want to establish yourself on a digital platform, it requires special talents and hard work. For a versatile personality like Kevin, it is an easy task to do as his learning skills and talent to catch up with new learnings are tremendously well. Life has challenged him a lot. of times in his early working days, but his passionate and dedicated quality never allowed him to give up. He worked very hard and now he is here touching the sky of triumph.

Kevin Sacchi is a digital entrepreneur born in Italy in Crema in 1999 who found the well-known company KS Digital Force. Being an entrepreneur he enjoys being a creator too. His idea made him gain a large following of fans on various platforms. Also, he created a digital platform named ‘Triller’ which has a huge fan base around the globe. The app is more interesting than ‘Tiktok’ which gives its users a lot many features. They can without adding all the latest news that is coming of the possible storm of privacy used wrong in the wrong way by Tiktok. This app has the following of about 64 million active users with a total of 130 million all-time downloads, according to The Los Angeles Times. This is a very impressive number for any of the online platforms.Though Triller does not consider TikTok to be a direct competitor as the app is geared toward an older audience. After TikTok gets banned, the app allowed the creators to let their creativity be seen in the world. In March of this year, Triller collaborated with Snapchat and created a way for users to create content on Snapchat using songs available on both apps and then post it to their “Triller story.” This way, Triller has a method of reaching Snapchat’s 250 million daily active users.

With distinct motives, the two apps are considerably different. Triller commenced as a music video app with Tiktok stepping into the market as The evident difference is that TikTok has an editing interface while Triller edits videos for the user. The prodigal CEO of KS Digital Force and the creator has found triller as a better alternative.

Apart from that, he got many other achievements in his list which is worth appreciating. He is called the world’s first INKFLUENCER. Many VIPs like Michelle Hunziker, J-Ax, Marracash, Nek, etc., Wore the Inkfluencer brand.

From our side, we wish him all the very best with his upcoming journey. May he reach a tremendous amount of success in his life.


Singer and songwriter Marlowe Gaining Hearts from her countless fans

Marlowe is merely 19 years of age. But when it comes to singing and writing songs, she is exceptionally talented. She has won hearts of countless with her incredible singing songs and cool lyrics. She hails from Toronto, Canada and has worked with a slew of producers in her hometown carving her niche hard in singing and writing songs. She started young in her early teens and now has her own identity when it comes to singing songs and writing them.

Her magic with her bold singing is not just confined in Toronto but has gone beyond her place to the US. She has travelled to places like Los Angeles, the hub for music and music lovers. She did a couple of shows and concerts collaborating with a few music lovers and producers in the US. With the help of her producer Ramii, she was able to develop strong communities and get good talents to give a good exposure to her singing ability and song. 

Her collaboration went on to give her debut songs like Puzzle and EP. It is an honest creation when it comes to singing and giving her voice for them. She is able to aptly play around the youth emotions with her songs and her writings. She is able to market herself the best with her incredible voice and singing. She is working on her other songs, which are going to be launched soon. Her fans are desperately waiting to catch them. Let’s hope to see them coming soon on the digital platform.


Billy Arora on a date night at The Grove?

Seems like the Los Angeles based fashion model has a new flirt just in time for the cozy season.

Canadian top model Billy Arora was seen going for what looked like a possible date night at the movies in Beverly Hill’s The Groove.

Whoever she spent the evening with, according to her Instagram stories later that night they loved watching ‘Queen & Slim’, the powerful romantic drama that just hit the big screens.

Earlier this month the two, whether they are close friends or a couple, were seen getting close at Malibu Beach.

And honestly, we are over the moon for her!

Wouldn’t we all like a fresh crush to warm our hearts for the winter days?


Manifolds of “Jeremy Tamaskin Hobbs”

Music is something that works as a stress reliever for numerous. There are a lot of musicians blessed with the beautiful voice that creates an authentic aura, but very few are the artists who possess more than one flair.

Jeremy Tamaskin Hobbs

There is no age to start something new that you are really passionate about, and we have an exemplar of one of the renowned artists, who is a versatile singer, a young model and a whiz in finances- Jeremy Tamaskin Hobbs.

Someone remarkably quoted “Success comes to those who work hard for it” and Tamaskin is the artist who gradually made his own ladder of fortune and listed his name in the top charts.

Jeremy Tamaskin Hobbs popularly known as “Tamaskin” is a renowned personality in the industry of Music. He is a celebrated bewitching persona from South Carolina- Charleston and is a talent of the new and young generation. He has worked so hard with his passion for getting ahead in life by any means and that it is seen clearly in the crowd which just can’t stop their feet from dancing on to the music Tamaskin plays.

His layers never leave a single mark surprising the tribes. When at one side he usually is seen singing a song whereas the other he amazes everyone representing and promoting the topmost brands on social media and become their main top face. Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren, Alexander Wang and Harper’s Baazar – comprehend the list of his modelling endeavour. His other flair has been revealed when he put all his efforts managing the finances of the top music equipment companies and has nowhere behind representing and expanding their label in every manner possible.

Following his depth of knowledge in context with branding and how money functions on this ground, he has caught the attention of multiple top labels and brands in such a short span of a moment. Few top names sometimes get confused by how such a persona can be so dextrous in everything he ever put his feet into, especially at such a young age of his life.

This is how Tamaskin has been grabbing all the love and fame by the painstaking efforts he put into his work whether it is about his soulful music or about his finances, and the way he flaunts his expressions in the modelling field.

We wish him all the glitter and gold for his near future. And may he never look back and take the industry of music and modelling to another notch.