What is the average income of a makeup artist in Iran? Says Tahmineh Chizari

Characteristics of a makeup artist

In a general sense, it should be mentioned that regular facial makeup used to increase its beauty and cover its possible defects is meant by the term makeup. Based on this, the beautician who does women’s makeup is a makeup artist. A skilled makeup artist puts unique and special makeup on every face besides working with cosmetic products and awareness of people’s faces. 

It is worth saying that the subject of makeup artists is very different from the subject of cosmetics. Based on this, the application of cosmetics in a way that causes drastic changes in women’s appearance is associated with the concept of makeup. In other words, the process that is done to improve the appearance and make it more beautiful is interpreted as makeup. Often the services provided in makeup are nail services, hair braiding, chignon, color and mesh, and face makeup. On the other hand, cosmetics are used to beautify and highlight the beauties of the face while no drastic changes are made on the main components of the face. A successful makeup artist can achieve great honor and fame by creating their particular style. 

Income of a makeup artist

The income of a makeup artist varies according to the specialized courses they have participated in and the skills and experiences they have acquired. Based on available statistics, from 2010 to 2020, the industry will experience 14% growth. Customer satisfaction, knowledge, being up-to-date, capability, and skills affect the income of a makeup artist. Accordingly, in countries like the USA, Australia, and England, the payment of the makeup artists is around 23150, 31200, and 30500 dollars, respectively. In Germany, it is about 27720 to 30310 euros. 


Radmila Lolly: A formidable artist having a passion for music and fashion

Each individual’s definition of success is unique. One can resolve any situation by changing one’s state of mind and being focused on achieving their own vision of success.  

Radmila Lolly expresses herself through several artistic genres, including but not limited to music, fashion, and writing. There is no one, in her opinion, who is better than anyone else. We are all born with a different set of abilities. It wasn’t easy for her. However, trials and tribulations make us all stronger, and one has to keep going no matter how difficult the task at hand.

Ms. Lolly will perform the National Anthem in the FTX Arena on January 23, 2022;  before the Miami Heat vs. Los Angeles Lakers game (which will take place in Miami).

The opera soprano, who is well-known for her stunning theatrical performances, will be accompanied by an octet of string musicians and the First Miami Presbyterian Church Choir, among others.  All of the clothing worn on stage will be designed by Radmila Lolly under the name Eltara Casata.

Working on a unique outfit

Preparing for the performance, Lolly is working on a unique outfit that will weigh an incredible 50 pounds and embody the essence of her couture creations. The garment will be unveiled at the performance and available for purchase afterward.

In addition to rooting for her hometown team, the Miami Heat, she is excited about the prospect of bringing her operatic and fashionable flair to the court, fusing all of her passions for music and fashion with her devotion to sport.

Remember to mark your calendar for the live event in Miami on January 23, 2022, where you will be able to see Radmila Lolly’s operatic rendition of the National Anthem.

Follow Radmila Lolly on Instagram/Radmilalolly and also visit her website to get more information.


Bosnian Model Elvisa Dedic Attended the Hottest New Year Party along with Kayne West

When the famous American rapper Sean Combs aka Diddy threw the New Year party of 2022, he invited many influential celebrities including rappers, Instagram influencers, models, etc. The environment became hotter when celebrities like Diddy’s darling Yung Miami, Kayne West, French Montana, Quavo, and beloved Elvisa Dedic were spotted at the party. Moreover, Joie Chavis and Daphene Joy were spotted enjoying the party at its fullest. Click here to see a short clip of the party.

Elvisa Dedic shared her stunning look of the party with her fans and followers via Instagram making them love her more. She posted a short video clip of the party in which she is wearing an elegant gown in black and silver, glamorously covering her curves with a sexy smart waist of hers. Elvisa Dedic gained all the attention of her fans once again by looking amazingly amazing. No special backtracking or specific situation explanation caption for the post just lavishing and luxurious vibes attracting thousands.

If you are Elvisa Dedic’s fan you will know that this is not the first time Elvisa shocked everyone and let them fall for her charms. Elvisa Dedic is a gorgeous bosnian model, viral Instagram influencer, and successful businesswoman who has been winning hearts for many years. Her professional life began with her modeling which she conquered in a very short time. When Elvisa Dedic showed the stunning skills of her beauty passion on social media, she gained multiple thousands of followers adoring her content. Her Instagram profile is full of colorful beauty content through which she inspires young girls about fashion and beauty. Many times her content went viral.

Not stopping there, Elvisa Dedic showed her potential as an entrepreneur saying it was her dream all along. Since her childhood, she wanted to become a brand. She opened her own cosmetics company named Elvisa Cosmetics which she runs as a CEO. Moreover, she is the brand ambassador of the popular fashion company Fashion Nova.   

Elvisa Dedic’s success rate can be checked by the party she attended on New Year’s Eve. Being invited to a party of famous people such as Kayne West, Diddy and Yung Miami is not a casual thing. Her influence got her to shake hands with such high celebs.

For more info, check out Elvisa Dedic Instagram. Link is given below.          

Elvisa Dedic  


Andrea Gaviria Expands her Wildly Successful OMG Beauty Collection With New Fragrance

Andrea Gaviria, fashion mogul now turned beauty pundit, has done it again. She is expanding her collection of beauty products with a new fragrance that will be sure to attract male and female buyers alike. Although an unexpected move from a swimwear designer, it seems like the natural next step in her ever-expanding OMG line of products.

OMG Beauty’s parent company OMG Swimwear LLC, which Andrea founded and grew from the ground up has seen many transformations over the past decade. Her startup began as a door to door swimsuit sales business when she was only 19 years old. Since launching her online retail shop in 2012 the OMG swimwear website has grown from selling only swimwear to selling apparel, accessories, waist trainers and most recently beauty products. OMG Swimwear even has spin-off brands such as OMG Hustle, where Andrea provides personal-development coaching for young and old entrepreneurs alike.

With the launch of her new fragrance, named Seductive, she will expand her brand’s reach to yet another massive-consumer market. It will specially attract fragrance shoppers looking for something new and different. The perfume comes packaged in a bottle shaped like a woman’s figure, keeping in line with OMG Beauty’s renowned womanly-shaped bottles which are marketed as a celebration of the women’s shape.

“I want this fragrance to exude sensuality and seduction,” says Andrea. As in its name, Seductive will even include pheromone ingredients within it’s formula for that extra hint of eroticism. Although we still don’t know exactly when, you will be able to purchase it in store and online very soon in 2022. Make sure to stay up to date with OMG Swimwear’s social media accounts to get first dibs before they surely run out.

Top 4 types of bridal Lehenga work theme to flaunt this wedding season!

When it’s your wedding day, you want everything to be just perfect, in fact astounding! Be it the entrance with your groom in the function, the spiritual formalities or your bridal attire. And we don’t need to mention you that perfect wedding attire is synonymous to beautiful and classy lehenga. Well, if you want your bridal attire to be ravishing, you have to pay a close attention to the work theme you are selecting for it. Only then will it be a perfect and alluring bridal lehenga!

  • Some stunning lehenga work themes to select as your bridal attire!

Your search for the ideal Bridal outfit in Alwar ends here. We have got magnificent work themes listed below which can enhance your impressive bridal look during your wedding. Read about them below:

  1. Sequin embellished lehenga work — Sequins have this wonderful property to end beautifully with any kind of add on work and enhance the beauty of any colour. So when you are picking the sequin embellished attire from Ronakians Lehenga brand in Alwar, doesn’t matter it’s pastels or gold or simply greenish, you’ll have an aura of classiness and perfection around you.
  1. Mirror work lehenga — Mirror work looks fabulous in darker shades of bridal attire. You are going to create the best presence if you are picking a sophisticated Lehenga in soft shades of blue or green or reds in mirror work from luxury lehenga showroom in Alwar.
  1. Gota Patti lehenga work — Some bridal designs are eternal. One of these is Gota Patti work on bridal wear. These look simply classical in golds and if you are complementing this work with darker hues, you’ll definitely woo the crowd. Get the most admirable looking Gotta Patti lehenga from Ronakians Lehenga Brand in Alwar.
  1. Zardozi Lehenga work — Want to look extreme royal on your big day? Then you should definitely consider opting for Zardozi Lehenga Work bridal attire from an expensive bridal lehenga shop in Alwar. The fabulous touch of zardozi threads have the power to make any fabric look elegant.

We assume you are already spoilt for choices. Select the most preferable lehenga work for your bridal look and be the queen of your wedding function in true sense.


Barllina, a worldwide online clothing option

The company Barllina started with many clothing shops for women in Saudi Arabia and now is a full online business dedicated to providing the latest fashion products to women around the world.

The origin of Barllina was with one shop in Jeddah in 2004, which later became many shops that converted the enterprise into clothes and dress national market leader.

However, e-commerce arose in 2008, and the Barllina owners, who followed a familiar tradition and a cultural heritage with the physical stores throughout the years, decided to transfer the business to the online mode, to increase the audience outreach.

Nowadays, the firm is recognized in Saudi Arabia for the full online service that includes a website (, where the customers can choose from a variety of elegant and simple garments that are suitable for every occasion, making the woman look impressive at her workplace, parties, day-outs, and even day-ins.

As the only shop of Barllina, the website offers different pay online services for any number of orders and different categories of dresses, a unique platform of customer service to reply to the clients around the clock, and a fast dispatching and delivery process of its products with different partners all over the world.

This has resulted in the company receiving orders from regions outside of Saudi Arabia, such as Europe, where customers like the entrepreneur Lili Mitrovic have had the opportunity to wear their dresses, such as a dress with embroidered lobes in black jazzer fabric, a distinctive design dress in a victorian tree, a long dress with distinctive victorian design and material, and a soft cotton dress, embroidered from the chest and shoulder.

Also, the Barllina products are weaved out of the best quality fabrics, with an experience of decades in designing and producing women’s dresses, setting prices that are budget-friendly and suitable for everyone, and making a recognized brand in the global industry.

But the strategy to attract customers originates from Barllina’s social media, where the company promotes all its products and interacts with its clients. The publication of many customers’ experiences and the adaptability to recent trends and hashtags that are related to their merchandise led the company to achieve more than 300K followers on Instagram, more than 90k followers on TikTok, and more than 5K followers on Snapchat.

The identification of the customer with Barllina’s products also plays a key role. That’s why the products are inspired by all types of customers around the world and fit all the cultures from east to west, generating a diversity of products and traditions. Some of them are designed as per the Saudi tradition and heritage, like the embroidered traditional jalabiya, and the dress with a loose-fitting lace, lined with a belt, with a traditional design.

The expansion of Barllina continues and assures the increasing of the business capacity to produce and deliver their products. The firm’s goal is to reach all the world’s clothes and dresses markets, providing trending designs, western designs, and Arabic designs, and create more variations of women’s clothing and diversify the brand for men’s clothing as well.


From fashion modelling to founding her own Brand sveta milano- Sveta Sotnikova

Sveta Sotnikova was born in Russia. Fashion was an early passion for her. After working for some of the most important brands such as model, she decided to attend the Marangoni Institute in Milan. 2019 was the turning point, she started her own Sveta Milano brand. Its unique design offers a modern interpretation of femininity by creating comfortable silhouettes through a cross-pollination between luxury and grunge elements.
What do grunge and luxury have in common?

Probably nothing. What I like to represent through my collections is the beauty of the opposites and the different possibilities they have to interact in order to send messages able to overcome the rigid and conformist societal structure. Nothing matter for me to have respect each other and to consider human differences really valuable.
How do the models relate to your concept? Who are the #SvetaGirls?

This aspect is really relevant for me. I search for girls able to relate to my idea of life. Because doing business in fashion is a way of turning my world vision into something people can touch and live.

Fashion is a revolution not an evolution, and the #Svetagirls are my peaceful army.

Apart from being a creative director, what do you believe is the role or the responsibility of the contemporary fashion designer in society today?

I feel the responsibility of being a conscious person. The world’s changing and our new reality calls for boldness and resistance, demanding inclusivity and embracing the future.

What is the main inspiration behind the latest collections?

I did call my latest collection “The Garden of dissidents“. It’s the first episode of Sveta Milano’s utopia. A place of mindfulness and immanent space, where the concepts of freedom and ambivalences coexist in an incessant and continuous effort of mutual respect, in an attempt to overcome the conformism of the society in which we live.

Furthermore, that’s a reflection about the sense of doing fashion today. Not a foolish run to follow the season but timeless items to rediscover through time.
What is the best lesson you have learned along the way?

We are what we live. No fear about what is different. Human differences conjures up the excitement of rediscovering the beauty where we thought there wasn’t.
What are your feelings towards retail giants?

Hate and love. I acknowledge the importance they have spreading the awareness of the brand and place where cultivate human relations as well as well as their necessity to pick brands up they can sell, but I don’t tolerate their absence of doing effectively research giving. Despite that I am deeply persuaded that the best thing for small brands is to learn exploiting the digital world to run into final consumers.


The fashion and lifestyle exhibition ‘Firdaus’ gave a royal Moroccan experience at its launch event, Here are the deets!

Shopping is something every person loves to do. Ask any layman, and they would not deny the fact. While there is a list of never-ending places to shop, but the real and hardcore shopaholics won’t be satisfied by any place. We are always on the hunt for an exhibition that has a variety of options to choose from and make us feel that every penny spent was worth it. Recently, there was a launch of the fashion and lifestyle exhibition, Firdaus that was held at DLF Promenade in New Delhi.

The exhibition brought the high-end influencers and celebrated names under one roof. Firdaus saw dignitaries like Mrs. Karmia Kadiri, spouse of Mohamed Maliki, Ambassador of His Majesty the King of Morocco to India in attendance. Moroccan cuisine was very well curated by expert chefs of the renowned Seven Seas Hospitality group. Along with them the event also saw diplomats and officials of the embassy of the kingdom of Morocco in India. The exquisite exhibition was curated by Mrs. Swati Suri and Mrs. Vineeta Narang.

Bringing the extravagant Moroccan experience to life, the main aim of introducing Firdaus was to launch it as an upcoming brand platform. Many businesses from different fields endorsed their products and services, and this lively event was graced by DLF style director Bhavna Singh. Among other prominent personalities from the fashion, food and lifestyle industry were , Ankita Rai Tiwari, Gopika Midha, Nikhita Tandon, Harpreet Suri, Suryaveer and Pooja Gogia to name a few.

This event was held on September 9 and was undeniably a star-studded evening with notable personalities attending from different walks of life. Moreover, the grandeur of the event was highly appreciated by the guests. The food, ambience and performances at the event were a sight to behold, and it was nothing less than a majestic event.

Mrs. Swati and Mrs. Vineeta, the pioneers behind bringing Firdaus to existence were overwhelmed with the response the launch event has got so far. “We are glad that the launch event has got a great reception from one and all. With this exhibition, we intend to help businesses endorse different products and services under the same umbrella”, the duo revealed. All in all, Firdaus brought the Moroccan culture to India with this one-of-a-kind experience for everyone.


An Ultimate Guide to Simple Wardrobe in 2021

Have you ever stood in front of your wardrobe and doubted, “I have nothing special to wear today,” despite the fact that your closet is actually piled high? A well-organized wardrobe could unquestionably be the ultimate solution!

Are you looking for an incredible look with a simple wardrobe? That’s what we have for you in this read!  Everyone worries about their wardrobe, whether it looks good or not, and most of you must be focused on keeping their wardrobe simple yet stylish, which they are satisfied with, isn’t it? However, most of the big brands nowadays are focusing on fancy-looking wardrobes and are hiding from the fact that many people still want to look superb in a simple wardrobe. This is where Desiino comes into play. The clothes at Desiino are well crafted for both men and women. The list of clothing is extremely diversified to choose from; it includes top-wear like hoodies, sweatshirts, fleeces, and T-shirts to the accessories like phone cases, caps, backpacks, and many more.

Below are some of the best tips and tricks recommended by us for you in making your simple yet stylish wardrobe. Just read on!

Prioritizing What to Buy When Building A Simple Wardrobe?

First thing first, you need to spend your money on the top and bottom wear. These two must be the primary focus in any wardrobe because they make you look astonishing in front of the others. They both are common in almost all wardrobes. You should have at least 8 to 9 pairs of them in your wardrobe so you would not ever feel repetition.

After these two, the most needed essential that you should have in your wardrobe is footwear. People usually start looking at you from the bottom to the top, so having any awesome footwear that catches the eyes of your surroundings will make you attractive.

These three are the simplest items that everyone should have in their wardrobe. Desiino has got your back; they provide you these essentials with impressive designs and a wide range of color selections.

Do You Need Accessories in Your Wardrobe? 

The need for accessories in your outfit is like the cherry on top. The perfect choice of accessories that blends well in with your outfit completely changes the whole look of you.

There are a lot of accessories that can go in with your outfit, but the most important of them are watches, caps, and bags.

The synchronization of accessories with the outfit brings out a splendid look for you. Desiino provides you these accessories with good quality and design.

Align Your Wardrobe with Seasonal trends!

As the season changes, the trend also shifts with it. The summer outfits that you already have in your wardrobe might not be useful in the winter season.

You need to buy warm, cozy, and simple outfits and yet stylish. You can try the items listed at Desiino that includes hoodies, fleeces, and sweatshirts. They are made of unique design and are comfortable that will make you safe from the winds.

Your Wardrobe, Your Color Choice!

Everyone has their own set of choices for the colors. You should keep the colors of your outfits in which you feel comfortable but never be afraid to try different colors as they might bring out a different look of you that you would never have expected.

Bottom Line

You should start your wardrobe collection simply and gradually. Try out different outfits that would make you loTry not only classy class stylish as well! What are you waiting for? Why not try the most diverse collection of outfits at Desiino and flaunt it wherever you go?


Greta Thunberg gets down on style industry for ecological damage and “Greenwashing”

The adolescent lobbyist and Nobel Peace Prize candidate said that there is nothing of the sort as a practical, mass-delivered design and called for huge changes.

Greta Thunberg is getting down on the design business for its huge commitment to the environment emergency in a wide-running main story for the debut issue of Vogue Scandinavia.

The 18-year-old environment dissident who has become well known by being a furious earthy person in her initial teenagers addressed the magazine in an extensive meeting that was distributed Sunday. Thunberg contrasted the worldwide reaction with COVID-19 to the absence of activity for environmental change, saying “we can not tackle an emergency without regarding it as an emergency.”

“If the pandemic has shown us one thing it is that the climate crisis has never once been treated as a crisis,” Thunberg said.

The three-time Nobel Peace Prize chosen one told the magazine that the quick design industry is contrarily affecting the climate and calls attention to how manipulative it is on workers. The dissident said she hasn’t purchased something new in three years and that she acquires things “from people I know.” The Vogue article depicted how her garments were very much worn and fixed up.

“The fashion industry is a huge contributor to the climate and ecological emergency, not to mention its impact on the countless workers and communities who are being exploited around the world in order for some to enjoy fast fashion that many treat as disposables,” Thunberg said in a tweet with the link to her Vogue cover story. “You cannot mass-produce fashion or consume ‘sustainably; as the world is shaped today. That is one of the many reasons why we will need a system change.”

Thunberg additionally denounced huge organizations that advance their organizations as “ethical” or “climate-neutral” for playing out what’s known as greenwashing. The term alludes to organizations deluding buyers into accepting their items or organizations are alright for the climate with no genuine proof to back them up.

“If you are buying fast fashion then you are contributing to that industry and encouraging them to expand and encouraging them to continue their harmful process,” Greta continued in her interview. “Of course I understand that for some people fashion is a big part of how they want to express themselves and their identity.”

Thunberg’s distributed meeting came only one day before the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) delivered an almost 3,000-page report that closes the Earth is warming at a quicker speed than initially anticipated. The UN considered it a “code red for humanity.”

“This report tells us that recent changes in the climate are widespread, rapid and intensifying, unprecedented in thousands of years,” said IPCC Vice-Chair Ko Barrett, senior environment consultant for the U.S. Public Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Researchers have as of late sounded the caution about the environment emergency bringing about progressively outrageous climate occasions around the world. Serious typhoons and storms, monstrous rapidly spreading fires, and occasional changes have all been associated with the emergency.

Thunberg has compelled world pioneers, including the U.S., to roll out major foundational improvements, yet has likewise had her own impact in carrying on with a reasonable way of life. Outside of not accepting garments, Thunberg is a veggie lover, depends principally on open transportation, and doesn’t fly.

“You don’t stop flying, you don’t stop consuming or you don’t go vegan because you want to lower your own individual carbon footprint,” Thunberg explained. “We do it because we want to influence the people around us, we want to send a clear signal that we are facing an emergency and when you are in an emergency you change your behaviour.”

Thunberg likewise shut down the possibility that people don’t an affect addressing the environment emergency and that it relies upon legislators or those in places of force.

“The more I have spent time talking to people, travelling, reading and experiencing, the more convinced I am that changes will come from the bottom up,” she said. “And when I say from the bottom up I don’t mean that we – through our power as consumers make the changes that are necessary. But rather that we as democratic citizens and voters and family members, friends – that we use that power to create change and put enough pressure on people in power.”