In any world that involves being famous in the public eye, you can always count on the cameras snapping one-of-a-kind pictures. Those pictures usually capture your favorite celebrities in the most important places and the first thing that is talked about is what they are wearing. Jeff Hamilton is the creator of the fashion you admire on your favorite celebrity.

Who is Jeff Hamilton? Well Jeff is a French-American celebrity fashion designer who has provided custom pieces to a lot of your favorite public figures from the past, present, and guaranteed the future. In the mainstream fashion world, Jeff Hamilton has worked with the likes of Michael Jackson to Michael Jordan, so that only confirms only icons work with icons. Imagine seeing one of your favorite celebrities from music, sports, television and see them with one the best jackets ever created and one of a kind.

Fashion is just as important to the world as the music, sports, and television that you dedicate time to daily. It gives the creator a way to express themselves and the ability to collaborate with others to introduce a vision that may have just been a thought in the past. Jeff Hamilton raises the bar with every Jacket and with Clientele like Muhammad Ali, Kobe Bryant, Shaq, Guns n Roses, P Diddy, Dave East, Swizz Beatz and Brands like the NBA, NFL, NASCAR, and Guess? For Men, its only right to call Jeff a legendary Icon.

In an exclusive Interview with 2 Trill Magazine an online publication by Trillest Entertainment, Jeff details his experiences in the business, the art of creating fashion and most importantly the key to happiness. If you know Jeff, then you are familiar with his bright smile paired with sunglasses. If you are a fashion designer, then imagine the advice Jeff can bring to your world and Denisa Debocci along with Jim Hamilton himself highlight what audiences need to know.

Jeff Hamilton the man behind the works of art that have given jackets an entire new meaning. Artists display their talent in many ways, but this artist highlights his in leather. 


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