The young rap artist is gradually making his mark, thanks to the incredible vibe he provides listeners with.

It is so amazing to know the journeys of a few individuals and professionals who make sure to spread waves of motivation and inspiration among others through the incredible work they do in their respective industries. Today, it is more than essential to throw more light on the journeys of such self-driven professionals, who, in more ways than one, ensure to cross boundaries and lead towards their definition of success to ultimately become influential figures in their sectors. So many such self-determined and driven professionals have reached the forefront of the music industry across different parts of the world, which includes NASHEW (Nicky Taschew), a one-of-a-kind rapper and musical artist with his one-of-a-kind musical talent in the industry.

NASHEW is one of those rare talented beings who always believed in the power of music and, most importantly, in the power of his visions and dreams. This positive approach has so far helped him become the rising name he is in the industry today. NASHEW is a growing German rapper who always knew how tough it could get to immerse oneself in the industry as a true-blue musical talent, let alone making one’s name prominent in the same. Still, he took his chances and was confident enough to create a unique path for himself as a rapper.

Very few music artists and rappers have had this insane level of courage to take over their dreams, but NASHEW was an exception. He was determined enough to pave his own path to success, and that’s how he turned into a rapper and music artist who today has to his name incredible hits like Dreams, Monopoly, Hardcore Gang Member, Hebe Jetzt Ab, and Shadows, which have gone ahead in winning hearts and gaining him enormous love and appreciation from listeners and music lovers. 

All his songs are available on top streaming sites like Spotify, where he has gained an increasing number of streams and views.

To know more updates on his music, follow him on Instagram @nickytaschew.

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