Crypto Gaming: Kart Racing League vs Axie Infinity, The Play To Earn Phenomenon

The dream of every gamer has come true: you can now earn money by playing video games. 

The play-to-earn gaming model empowers individuals from across the world to work from home and earn a living. Play-to-earn gaming relies on the blockchain and cryptocurrency payments, and many of these games are integrating unique digital items called NFTs (or non-fungible tokens).

The most popular play-to-earn crypto game, Axie Infinity, has over one million daily users, many of whom need the game to survive and pay their bills. 

Kart Racing League (or KRL) is a similar play-to-earn NFT game, but with some added twists. KRL features fully-rigged 3D NFT characters that you can use to play with in their online multiplayer kart racing experience. The winners of each race are rewarded in cryptocurrency, which can be swapped for real money.

While Axie Infinity is based out of Vietnam, Kart Racing League is launching their business from the United States. The makers of KRL, Blue Monster Games, are building their gaming company in Florida and plan to target more US-based consumers.

The major differences between the two play-to-earn games is gameplay. While Axie Infinity uses a slower turn-based approach, KRL offers a fast-paced experience that consumers will find addicting to play, even without any possible reward in cryptocurrency.

The KRL crypto game is among many titles that Blue Monster Games is planning to release. The company has even hinted that they are in the process of developing a massive play-to-earn MMORPG. 

With all gamers flocking to play-to-earn games, titles like Axie Infinity and Kart Racing League seem destined for success.

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