Cyffa Leyenda recently released / Leaked a single raw from the FLAGSHIP STUDIOS in Virginia Beach. The Virginian rapper titles it “HEYLEL” meaning shining one or morning star. The vibe on the beat is remarkably energetic and uplifting with hardcore punch lines from the future such as “I’m in the sky with the Gods and Creators, Inside the planet I’m cooking up layers.” Cyffa starts the song of “Controlled by the internet” meaning he’s on social media 24/7 and his life consumes of being online all the time. As we all were waiting to hear Cyffa’s new music Heylel shows a different side to Cyffa’s artistry. Now we’re getting a rockstar vibe and on his verse a lyrical side of his musically talents. Some of Cyffa’s fans were looking for to a different single that was posted but looks like Cyffa is all up for surprises as he never even posted about this record. Already on Instagram his engagement on this record has more than 50+ comments with fire emojis. Cyffa always said his favorite producer is Southside808 and on this record it gives off those vibes for sure. Cyffa loves 808’s with a hard kick in it, as long as it has that he’s flowing on the pen. Well enough spill about this Godly record go stream for yourself below.