Having unblemished and crystal-clear skin is on everyone’s bucket list. But what does it take to have a perfect skincare routine? Besides proper sleeping patterns, healthy nutrition and lifestyle routine, it is the need of an experienced doctor or a cosmetologist who can weave magic with different skin treatments. Meeting the client’s requirements by offering advanced medical skin treatments, Aesthetics Retreat GmbH is one of the most preferred aesthetic and beauty medical centres in Zurich, Switzerland.

Incorporated by Daniela Graci in February 2019, Aesthetics Retreat has advanced skin treatments suitable for different skin types. With an array of skin treatments, the clinic helps its clients in maintaining a youthful appearance through cutting-edge and non-surgical treatments. Backed by thorough research, the medical professionals at Aesthetics Retreat are trained to perform diverse skin treatments like anti-ageing, skin tightening, wrinkle treatment and lymphatic drainage.

However, Daniela Graci is highly skilled in performing wrinkle treatment. On realising the lack of aesthetic treatment procedures, Daniela decided to dive deep as a skin specialist when she was 22. As of today, she is considered one of the most celebrated skin and hair care specialists in the world. Moreover, the team of highly-trained specialists at Aesthetics Retreat go under formal training before performing any beauty or cosmetic treatment.

While skincare and hair care is crucial for everyone, Daniela believes that overall well-being is of utmost importance. Hence, the treatments done by the trained professionals at the skin institute focus on a holistic approach. Among other treatments done at Aesthetics Retreat are HydraFacial, PRP Vampire Lift and micro-needling. Furthermore, Daniela says, “Before grooming the personality, one needs to focus on internal health. That’s what my primary focus has been since the start of my career.”

Keeping sustainable living in mind, the skin institute offers modern and non-invasive treatments like laser procedures and coolsculpting for fat reduction. No wonder, Daniela Graci’s experience of more than a decade has seen her soar high in the field of beauty and cosmetology. For her incredible work, she was earlier bestowed with the Swiss Certificate of Competence, medical practice assistant and pigmentologist. Along with helping people attain healthy skin, Daniela Graci continues to redefine rejuvenation with her impeccable work ethos.

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