David Scher: Taking the industry of influencer marketing to much greater heights with a passionate mind.

Helping to set brands apart from their rivals is what David aka DJ Scher is known for.

We have been lucky enough to note the development of companies across different areas with the advent of technology. This relentless rise in the growth of companies and sectors has contributed to the formation of many talented young entrepreneurs, who have shocked the world of business with their true commitment and dedication to developing and promoting brands that can become global leaders. DJ Scher’s name today tops the list of the world’s most successful young entrepreneurs for the devotion he displayed for creating his brand, Scher Marketing. DJ Scher is a 20-year-old entrepreneur, born in New Jersey, based in LA. Who with his Marketing Agency, Scher Marketing, focuses on clients, go viral on different social media platforms, particularly Twitter.

David has been fascinated with social media ever since he was a child. After beginning to use it as a passion, he soon realised that he could build a career on it. He had established an extensive range of skills associated with social media marketing. Being an influencer of social media helped him gain an intuitive understanding of what works, and what does not, to increase interaction, scope, and development. This is the reason he founded Scher Marketing. DJ Scher partners with several businesses, ranging from tourist boards to hotels and brands of clothes to help them reach massive audience in a short span of time. Apart from Scher Marketing, DJ Scher is also the founder of Luxsy (girls’ online store) and Cozze (hair products brand).

He has gained tremendous prosperity thanks to his three companies. It is only now that he is performing that he has been lavished with appreciation from people who have been doubters before. The most significant thing is that he had confidence in himself. While digital marketing for DJ Scher is a wide area of interest, he is also deeply engaged in model management. He has collaborated to run a popular modelling agency named Discontinue Talent with another viral marketing specialist,
Alex Smetana. At only 20 years of age, Dj Scher has already accomplished much more than most people will ever achieve in their lives.

To know more about him, You can follow him on Instagram@DJScher as well as his marketing agency@ScherMarketing.

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