The credit of evolution and development echoes with the name of the entrepreneurs who have invested their entire journey in the name of the country’s growth on subjective and objective levels. The efforts and innovation of these people are the major elements of smooth-running of any country. The larger the radii of skills they possess , the wider is the range of developmet of a country and its citizens.

Starting an enterprise could never be thought of without calculating all the risks .
Thus, our known face Dillabor Miah or known by his nickname Sanu Sheikh is in his early 40s a London-born entrepreneur who stands amongst the competitors of the highest level in the entrepreneur world, carries the personality of an entrepreneur with all the virtues, which are the most unarguable reasons for his authentic presence in his field.

A truely intellectual personality a real leader who is not only well informed about his own field but also has command on various related fields to his subject. From the knowledge of the market to technology Sanu Sheikh’s experience’s pages are filled with many diverse fields of work like- Real estate ,hotel industry, a Fintech fanatic and also a forex trader who understands how the blockchain technology works and how to make gains with cryptography.

The way he benefits his clients, the number of people coming back to him again and again, the way he has earned respect out of his unparalleled work are all the visible reasons for his authentic presence in his respective field. The scope of financial freedom and flexibility that runs parallel to entrepreneurialism is a major contributor to simultaneous individual and national prosperity.

The majority of people who still follow the traditional methods of investment and income are still lacking a lot of financial knowledge. Unlike Sanu Sheikh, who is well aware of of the advantages of the mountaining advantages of blockchain technology. A business doesn’t only need an investment of money but also the proper investment of intellect and utilization of resources in the best fitting places.

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