Carving out his unique place in the USA as an entertainer, the rise of DJ DC had been quite meteoritic in a short time. A skilled presenter, he is adored by the audience for his presentation style of musical tracks.

The specialty of tracks of DJ DC is people cutting across age barriers love them. The audience may be a youth or an aged person, they both like his tracks proving his music is for all and it creates a sense of euphoria among all age groups.

DJ DC believes tracks should be created in such a way that they evoke mass appeal. To quote him: “Music must have the element of universality with its lyrics and tunes. It should have lingering effects on the listeners and fill their hearts with joy.”

DJ DC implemented this in his creative works. His ability to connect his music with people of all ages made him an icon among his audience. This is evident from his large fan base and regular following of his social media accounts.

Born in California, DJ DC relocated to Portsmouth in Virginia where his musical career flourished. He was drawn to music right from his childhood. He began his career taking part in different musical events and concerts.

The audience liked his performance. Soon he became popular as a young DJ with an energetic rendition of music in the Hampton Roads Area. Reminiscing those initial days, DJ DC says: “I was 18 when I got my first pair of turntables.”

Within the next year, DJ DC started getting invitations for house parties. It was at this juncture when I chanced to get acquainted with the CEO of the GIFT AND THE CURSES DANCE CREW. It was a momentous event as it transformed his musical career taking it on a higher pedestal.

A self-made musician, DJ DC perfected his skills on his own. He would follow different musical events and shows on YouTube and TV channels. This offered him a scope to learn the presentation style of music.

Music had been attracting him since he was just a little child. He would intently listen to music tracks and try to follow their reverberating beats, strokes, and rhythmic notes. He would be engrossed for hours together to a particular track that he liked.

Talking about his first public appearance, DJ DC said: “My very first performance was at a club party at the Old Picassos for the CEO, GIFT, AND THE CURSES DANCE CREW. Though I hardly expected anyone would notice my performance, I earned quite a name through my first performance.”

It offered him a good platform to showcase his musical talent. After his first public appearance, he started getting noticed. His visibility and popularity began to grow. After this, DJ DC began to get chances to perform in various events.

Subsequently, he became a known musical personality enabling him to perform in various events in the African American Cultural Centre or Virginia NightClub Picassos, Club Love (Washington DC), and Lingerie Birthday Bash of July 24th, 2009, at Blakey’s Night Club, Chesapeake, Virginia.

Currently, he is rated as one of the most talented and promising DJs in the country. He is being asked to perform at regular intervals by the Night Club Owners, Event Managers, and Hampton Roads Promoters.

DJ DC credits his hard work, constant efforts towards perfection, consistency, and passion for music for his success.

To quote him: “Success in the career as a DJ just cannot come all by itself. It is difficult as it can be attained only through consistency, regular practice, willingness to learn, and hard efforts. One may need several years to master this musical art.”

DJ DC toured across the United States for his musical shows to entertain the audience. Such areas and States include Washington DC, Greenville N.C, Philadelphia PA, Raleigh NC, and New Jersey.

He has also participated in and hosted different radio shows including the radio internet show Nasty Tyme Radio on He would host every Tuesday and Thursday for this event. He also participated in WNSB HOT 91 6-10. Catch him live now on THE BIG STATION IN THE 757 103 JAMZ FROM **MONDAY-SATURDAY 6 PM-10PM.

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