Cosmetic surgery is a surgical speciality involving the alteration of the human body with the aim to improve a person’s appearance .he procedures are solely focused on aesthetic appearance.

Dr Amir Hashemloo is an Iranian based cosmetic doctor. With over years of experience as a cosmetic surgeon, Amir has worked with a lot of famous celebrities and individuals such as Bijan Mortazavi and his wife Setare Saeedi, Anahita Dargahi, Ashkan Khatibi, Nargess Abyar, Roya Mirelmi, Khatere Asadi, and also football stars like Hossein Mahini, Milad Mohammafdi and Mehdi Sharifi. His biggest achievement has been “innovating and developing his very own method of correcting of the eye and eyebrow frame”.

Amir’s medical education and intrest in sculpting compel him to remain at the forefront of the field, to continue to do more in creating new methods and seeing his patients’ faces shine with self satisfaction and pleasure.“There is a common misconception that cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery are the exact same procedures,” Amir shares. “ However, the major contrast is cosmetic surgery focuses on aesthetic appearance.

Plastic surgery does not focus on the aesthetic outcome. Plastic surgery repairs birth defects or deals with burns and disease. Examples of plastic surgery procedures are Burn Repair Surgery, Breast Reconstruction etc” Many people who consider cosmetic surgery are hesitant because of the fear of the ‘extreme pain’ that is often associated with cosmetic surgery.

“While cosmetic surgery is not painless, it is not as painful as it is believed to be, especially with the improvement in technology.”

The first and main benefit of cosmetic surgery is that it helps to align your natural appearance with your desired appearance, producing results which often last a long time or are permanent.

“ If you want to undergo cosmetic surgery, it’s reasonable to assume that you are unhappy with some aspect of your appearance, and you desperately want to change it. Once you do it, your appearance will change forever resulting in an improved version of yourself.” Amir says. Another advantage of cosmetic surgery procedure is that it enhances your physical health.

“Rhinoplasty surgery, for example, will not only enhance the look and shape of your nose but may also help with respiratory issues that you may have.”

For many patients who have lived their whole lives unhappy with their exterior, one of the greatest benefits of cosmetic surgery is the improved self esteem that comes with fixing and altering your appearance to suit your personal wishes. You are more inclined to socialise due to your improved state of mind regarding how you feel towards yourself.

“Some people who are unsatisfied with their looks frequently struggle with anxiety and depression, which are both mental health problems. However, more often than not, these problems reduce or even disappear completely after cosmetic surgery procedures,” Amir shares.

Dr Amir is an astute professsional at what he does. You can reach out to him on his instagram page @dr.amirhashemloo.

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