She is an ace dermatologist and specialist in Aesthetic Dermatology who for years has dealt with aesthetic and dermo-aesthetic medicine using innovative therapeutic protocols and methodologies.




Isn’t it amazing to read more about professionals and experts who paved their own path to success the way they wanted in their chosen industries? Well, the world may be filled with too many such talented beings, but only a few rare gems go ahead in becoming one of the top names in their industries for reasons more than one. Dr. Ines Mordente, aka Doc Ines, as she is lovingly called by her patients, is definitely one among them, who has been working day in and day out for years in the dermatological world, rising high as a true-blue dermatologist and specialist in Aesthetic Dermatology, focusing on solving issues of acne, which has remained a common complaint among people over the years, both in men and women.


After attaining several degrees and scholarships in her career and becoming a well-recognized name in her field, even as a tutor and speaker, she dived deeper into the field to understand the issues patients faced suffering from acne. This is why she came up with her clinic called Medicinae, founded by her and two other members to treat patients with acne, post-acne spots, and scars. To take a step further, Dr. Ines Mordente devised the Acne Revolution® method, an innovative method that, if followed correctly, can allow patients to move from imperfect skin to radiant and healthy skin in a short span of time.


She even wrote a book about the same, and in the volume #AcneRevolution, published by Sperling & Kupfer, the author transmits essential notions to know the skin of patients and deal with acne in the most effective way by investigating the causes, advantages, and disadvantages of possible therapies, the relationship with nutrition, hormones, microbiota and more. Dr. Ines Mordente says that she wished to propose practical beauty routine cards designed for every phase of life and for every period of the year and several practical tips to get the best results even with a simple do-it-yourself from home.


Even after having several difficulties on her path, Dr. Ines Mordente kept moving her way to the top, overcoming the challenges, but making sure to continuously innovate with her specialized techniques and procedures at her clinic to make an evident difference in the lives of her patients.


Currently, she is working on a new project of hers, which she is confident will reduce waiting times and make it possible for everyone to take advantage of the Acne Revolution® method.

Instagram: @inesmordentedermatologa

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