So many individuals are trying to establish themselves in different fields of career everyday because they realise the true importance of having a backup plan in every step of their life there is no surety in any field of career and the more the options available to you the more revenue or profits you earn everyday. Doctor Sachin bhardwaj is talented in a range of prudence, including video making, content creation, being in movies and serials, and his main career is that of a dental surgeon.

He has been a dental surgeon for the longest time now, winning a number of awards from various prestigious people. Let’s have a number of interesting facts about him:

  • Has been awarded by the army general and Brigadier for treating as well as helping other veterans with full efficiency
  • Awarded by the ex CM Bhupender Singh Hooda
  • Appreciated and applauded for his great work by the Rajya Sabha sansad general DP Vats
  • Also applauded by the SDM and deputy Labour commissioner, along with several other high ranking officers
  • Made almost a world record with his recent song that features a number of superstars in it, including national as well as international sports people who have contributed to the video, it has been never done in the history and it will certainly go down in important pages in the future. 
  • Completed projects in free medical camps providing free medicines in mostly slum areas and the poor people have benefited greatly from this.

If all of this does not sound enough, the information that he has been with three hospitals according to the ministry of defence might impress a greater part of the society. Now, it is rather hard to believe that such a surgeon can actually be so creative, he has indeed made a number of songs that have become very popular on YouTube: 

  • Haryana Ka Sher featuring Yogeshwar Dutt, who was Mr world 2014 come on Mr world 2017, Mr India Ramniwas Malik and Mr Delhi Yudhveer Daga
  • Haryana ki Sherni featuring superstar Geeta Phoghat, Sangita Phoghat ( Dangal movie) Sakshi Malik, Arjun awarded by boxer Kavita Chahal, World Champion Wrestling Anita Sheoran, Suman Kundu, Nirmal Boora, Sweety Boora, Kavita Goyat

Dr Sachin provides innovative knowledge, imparting the best of his. As he himself has sung a popular Bhole Shankar song, he does not want people to look at him as a person who was addicted to drugs, it is the God, the Supreme God Shiva and if you worship him, he is surely going to fill your pure heart with knowledge and give you blessings to move forward in life.