Driven to Success: Chike Ozigbo aka Chike Trades Finds His Mojo in Stock Trading

Driven to Success: Chike Ozigbo aka Chike Trades Finds His Mojo in Stock Trading

Chike Ozigbo has always looked-for success his entire life. Coming from humble beginnings, he was motivated to do whatever it took to make a good life for himself and his family. After stumbling across the works of Bob Proctor and Dr Napoleon Hill, Chike began to study the human mind, paradigms, and how human behavior is controlled by patterns and routines. With his new knowledge, he shaped his own mind into a determined, passionate force aimed at accomplishing his dreams.

Starting off as a nurse, Chike determined that he could do better. When his opportunity came to step into the stock market, he jumped right on it. After learning the basics of trading, Chike opened up an account with $10k in order to make trades of his own. Chike went in with a strong mindset, locked in on coming out on top. Although he had high hopes, Chike would end up short, losing his $10k investment. However, instead of becoming defeated, Chike was unphased with his mind still focused on success. He opened another account, and began trading again with $5k. His $5k investment quickly turned into $20k, and after just 12 months, he grew his account to over $500k. From a loss to half a million dollars, Chike stayed locked in to achieve his goals.

Now, Chike is looking even further, and with more capital at his disposal, Chike is hoping to grow his accounts exponentially. Chike tells us that his mindset is the reason why he became successful, saying “We can truly become who we want to become… You can design every aspect of your life to truly live the way you want to live. That transformation starts with a shift in paradigm… Imagine in your mind the ideal person you want to become… whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”

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