We have seen many collaborations come out of the studio but nothing like this. [YOUNG S.H.O has teamed up with Who we know to be one of his Favorite MCs HEADKRACK KRACK and out out and sing that will Lyft you to the cosmos.

It was no question that something like this would come about. When a artist with great flow connects with another artist with great flow,magical things happen!! WE asked YOUNG S.H.O how did this come to pass? He stated: after the first interview between himself and HeadKrack the connection was inevitable and they both new that they would have to make a song that would soar above others. Headkrack taking a liken to the young’s unique flow and lyrical content decided this would be a artist he had to do a sing with.

YOUNG S.H.O has wheeled out some of the industries hottest rappers, but nothing compared to the collaboration that this connection would bring. In addition to this amazing song, there has been rumors of a Ep coming out between the two heavy bar spitting gurus that will shock the music wave for days to come and man we can’t Waite to how this turns out. For more information on each individual artist google them both or click the links below!!!

Instagram: @headkrack @youngs.h.ospl