Emreezy is a prolific digital content creator and Instagram enthusiast. He believes Instagram offers plenty of opportunities to youngsters and tech-savvy people to make their standout appearance on social media and do something innovative in life.

“I have a simple formula; if your video content doesn’t intrigue a user in the first couple of seconds, they will scroll your video and move to the next one. People’s attention span is continuously decreasing these days and, especially on social media, you shouldn’t take any chance. They will follow only those who entice them. Whatever you post on social media, it has to resonate with them,” Emreezy stated.

According to Emreezy, people these days are in a hurry to create videos without paying much attention to the content and style of narration. Emreezy wants to change it. He wants to make the best use of social media by posting relevant content on Facebook and Instagram.

The biggest myth about social media is anything can go viral and anyone can become a social media star. Emreezy feels influencers shouldn’t misuse the platform. They should post relevant content, which comes with a positive message for society. As a perfectionist, Emreezy spends a lot of time brainstorming over his next social media content. 

Emreezy was born ‘Emre Ucar’ on 12th September 1999. But he was a born leader. Emreezy always wanted to do things differently. He plunged into E-sports when he was just 14 and has never looked back since then. It was during the same period, he watched a lot of YouTube videos and thought of using his pen name ‘Emreezy’ prominently all across social media channels. 

In the period 2013–2016, he earned a lot of praises for his brilliant gaming skills in E-sports. He even won a lot of awards and honours during the same phase. But Emreezy wanted to explore his other side as well in the domain of social media.

“I believe my entry into the world of social media made me complete. I was destined for it. I gave everything I could to carve a niche for myself here. I worked hard to reach where I am today. I love creating interesting and interactive content online on Instagram. I wanted to explore my content creation talents on Instagram,” Emreezy added. 

Emreezy was doing well in his E-sports career, but he wanted to explore his creative side and chose social media over E-sports. Unlike others, Emreezy has been very serious about his career. He was not at all interested in doing a typical 10–6 office job. He wanted to do something innovative, interesting, and exciting. He was always inspired by creative things. 

When Emreezy started his career as a professional content creator, he didn’t know where he was heading to. No one from his family ever tried their luck on social media as a full-time professional. There was no mentor to guide Emreezy, but he knew his intent and aim.  

He started working from scratch. He worked on his gut feelings and also experimented with his social media content. He used to sit in front of his computer learning social media basics and other various aspects of digital content. Eventually, his content started garnering a lot of views, which inspired Emreezy to work harder on his social media skills. 

Currently, Emreezy is rated as one of the most prolific Instagram influencers with over 100,000 followers. His fans and followers eagerly wait for his new social media content and also ask him to share his secrets with them.

You can follow Emreezy on Instagram to know more about him and his work.

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