Epic is holding a themed Fortnite event around its Apple lawsuit

Epic is holding a themed Fortnite event around its Apple lawsuit

The #FreeFornite Cup will commend “one more Victory Royale with friends across all platforms” this Sunday, April 23, with prizes including an outfit for Tart Tycoon, a character highlighted in a satire of Apple’s 1984 advertisement.

Top scoring players across areas (20,000 universally) will get a genuine #FreeFortnite cap, which is plainly themed on Apple’s great logo.

A week ago Apple expelled Fortnite from the App Store, following Epic’s transition to go around its charges with another immediate installment choice. In reprisal, Epic documented a claim and approached its fans to help the move.

“These are the final days of the entire Fortnite community’s ability to play together,” Epic said on its site. “Apple has blocked Fortnite from the App Store, preventing players from updating to new versions.

“Players on iOS devices will be left behind on Chapter 2 – Season 3 while everyone else jumps into the Chapter 2 – Season 4 launch on August 27.”

It included: “If you’re left behind on iOS after the Chapter 2 – Season 4 launch, the party continues on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, GeForce Now, and through both the Epic Games App at and the Samsung Galaxy Store. Join the fight against @AppStore on social with #FreeFortnite..”

This week Epic’s fight with Apple raised with the recording of a transitory controlling request, trying to prevent the iOS firm from evacuating its designer get to, including support for Unreal Engine.

The Fortnite creator asserted on Monday that Apple had educated it that as of Friday, August 28 Epic’s engineer records and iOS and Mac improvement apparatuses would be cut off.

This would keep Epic from making programming for Apple’s foundation, Epic guaranteed, including for the Unreal Engine middleware it offers to third-party developers.

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