In the past centuries, human beings used clothing, body ornaments and other accessories for verbal communication. In this way, they showed information such as job rank, gender, geographical location, wealth, social class, and so on. This issue was not limited to clothing, but also the type of makeup and jewelry involved. Fashion is a symbolic system that uses symbols and signs to convey concepts through non-macro communication to individuals.

The literal meaning of fashion is the style and manner that has been one of the most important and influential factors on society and people from the past to the present. Fashion affects people’s lives in all aspects, from diets to mindset and type of exercise. In general, any kind of clothing and mass movement that becomes common in a period of time and space is called fashion

 Fashion is not a dress but a taste. The tastes of people who design next year’s designs and trends a year in advance, and these designs become the models of reputable brands.

 How ugly or beautiful we are and our bodies depends on the attitudes and tendencies of our society. Today, due to cultural idealism, new fashions are constantly emerging. If we are not able to change the shape of our clothes and our body, we can not adapt to the standards of fashion.

 Literary meaning of fashion:

Fashion is a French word. It is a style of clothing that reflects the physical characteristics of a person’s clothing and social status. Fashion is a temporary method that suits the tastes of the people of a society and their lifestyle. Fashion has a fundamental and decisive role in society. Wherever you are in any society, you will give the effects of fashion. The image on the cover of magazines, the costumes of the actors, whether on stage or on TV, is based on the opinion of fashion designers. TV commercials and city billboards, if not directly related to fashion, must have used fashion designs.

From birth to death, fashion plays a major role in people’s lives, from shoes to gold and jewelry. One of the most lucrative parts of the fashion industry is weddings because people spend the most money on it. Fashion is about moving money, and in this way it helps the economy. It also separates social classes. Fashion plays a major role in social events, forums and restaurants. Almost every country has its own fashion.

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