Entrepreneur, business owner, and social media famous Matthias Mende is not only one of the most successful Men in the heart of the Middle East, but he’s also verified on Facebook and soon to be Instagram.

He has built over 150,000 followers on Instagram, 26,000 connections on LinkedIn, and 88,000 followers on Facebook.

Becoming Facebook verified is becoming harder and harder these days. Which is no problem to Mende, who has been verified for a while now?

From mastering the digital cyberspace to building a name in Germany, U.S, and the Middle East. You can see the determination inside of Matthias Mende’s eyes.

You can tell he is all about his business and will continue to keep growing. You should definitely check out his social media platform and give him a follow before it’s too late. He’s already been growing too fast too keep up with.

From riding around in a Lamborhini to seen taking selfies inside of a Rolls Royce, you can tell he lives one hell of a luxurious but classical lifestyle. In a previous article, you can see him spotting next to a G-Wagon, which has a very nice tone/color to it.

If you want to see luxury at its finest. Check out Mende below.


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