Fantasia Barrino has not failed to create a stronger impression on her fans during her recent New York Fashion week. However some of the people noted that her approach was pretty much unusual.

Rather than spending a lot of money on something that fans might have seen, Fantasia was seen in a printed outfit priced $100 only. Overall the outfit was sexy and pretty much unreal to be adopted as the style of the said event.

Then again, her appearance was positive and most of the people were actually blown away be how well she managed to wear the attire and rocked the outfit at her best. The $100 print with a top combo received huge praise. Same was said for her stunning figure. Then people praised her attention to detail however some of them claimed that it was too much.

Whatever the case is, it does not appear that she has touched too much. It is because she continues to create a greater impression on all of her fans every time, one after the other. She has also explained that she does not bother about what people are talking about her, and she will continue her way in a strong manner.

Her appearance has not been the way people expected as she is one of the prominent celebrities these days. She has indeed retained her active profile as a whole.

One of her fans said, “Keep telling the truth and walking in the spirit of God.” Then one of the critics shared that: “So I think it’s ok to be a black woman wearing a slave owner on your back, Oh”.

Another one said, “Looks like money…………lots of money, them legs are everything girl @tasiasword”

In an interview, Fantasia shared about her upcoming album, Sketchbook and her career in the following words, “I now have control over my destiny. I can literally go into a box and I can now show them what it is musically how I see things. What I love. And that’s how we did this entire album. Nothing sounds the same, but it all has beats that people have never heard of me. I always had someone who told me what I could and cannot do. When those doors opened, we walked through it and we created a monster.”

Talking again about the dress controversy, FantasiaBarrino creates controversy and receives praises. She has gracefully responded to the critics and comments. Though people expected something else of the celebrity she has kept her own tone that she always wanted to. She has continued to give a strong impression to her fans and this is what has done in a successful manner. She has yet again proven herself to be strong headed women who know exactly what she is doing with her life. She has maintained her active profile and seems determined to maintain it in the same way in future too. Well; all the best to you great lady. May you achieve all your dreams in life.

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